Addiction: A Different Perspective

Addiction is defined as becoming physiologically or psychologically dependent on a substance, such as alcohol or a narcotic. It can also include foods, and even certain activities or behaviors, such as shopping. The repetitive use of the substance, activity or behavior is typically an escape mechanism that the user begins to rely on far too much, until they no longer … Read More

Go Within to Find Abundance

Too often, I think, when we try to manifest and create abundance in our lives, we look for it in the wrong place. We look for ways we can create it in our outer circumstances instead of looking for ways to create it within first. This is a huge problem. Why? Because it sends one big message outward that we … Read More

How Parallel Lives Can Affect Us Negatively

A truly fascinating topic… parallel lives in parallel worlds. When our Soul chooses to incarnate, it does so in more than one version of our present lifetime. In fact, there are quite a few. And from what I can tell, some people may even have more than others. The purpose of this, of course, is for learning – to maximize … Read More