Go Within to Find Abundance

Abundance Comes From WithinToo often, I think, when we try to manifest and create abundance in our lives, we look for it in the wrong place. We look for ways we can create it in our outer circumstances instead of looking for ways to create it within first.

This is a huge problem.

Why? Because it sends one big message outward that we have forgotten WHO WE ARE at Soul-level – that we ARE abundance, at our very core. We are basically sending out the message that we ARE NOT abundance – we are saying that we are lacking it instead. Or else why would we be seeking it outside of ourselves if we already knew we were filled with it to begin with?

And as a result, what do we attract back to ourselves? More lack. This can also be a huge part of why our manifestation efforts are so hit-and-miss at times. When we are not fully accessing the abundance that naturally lies within us because we fail to see it, we are missing out on the innate abilities we were given to create our reality as we desire it to be.

When we realize that abundance is a core part of who we are, and that it comes from within, then we do not have to look outside of ourselves for it any longer. We also begin to understand that it truly is limitless BECAUSE it comes from within us – we are our own “power source” for the constant creation and flow of abundance into our lives.

Once we begin to access the energy of abundance that lies within ourselves, we will naturally begin to attract more abundance into our lives like a self-created magnet of sorts.

Now, this is not to say that manifestation does not have its place. It most certainly does play an important role in our creation process when we are working to create our desires. It allows us to utilize our natural energies in the creation process in a very controlled way so that we can generate a specific outcome for ourselves.

But rather than always looking to modify our outside circumstances so much, perhaps the question we should all be asking ourselves is … “How do I access the energy of abundance that already lies within me?” This is so very important, because if we cannot access and find it within ourselves, we cannot create it in our lives.

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