How Parallel Lives Can Affect Us Negatively

Parallel LivesA truly fascinating topic… parallel lives in parallel worlds.

When our Soul chooses to incarnate, it does so in more than one version of our present lifetime. In fact, there are quite a few. And from what I can tell, some people may even have more than others. The purpose of this, of course, is for learning – to maximize our learning experiences to the highest possible level in the quickest way possible.

What better way to do that than to have multiple lifetimes at once?

Now this is where it gets interesting. Imagine another lifetime in which you were born on the exact same day and the same time, but to different parents or to the same parents, but living in another state entirely … or how about another country! Or what if in another lifetime you were rich beyond belief, or had 5 brothers and sisters, but in this life you only have one. Imagine the implications of this … the possibilities are truly endless!

While this is truly fascinating, we might not think of the negative implications of this. Even though we are living these separate existences all at the very same time, these concurrent lifetimes can affect us negatively at times. While we are supposed to be living completely separate existences all at the same time, it is sometimes the case that we actually become aware of what is happening in these other lifetimes.

Why is this a problem for us?

Number one – it’s a huge distraction. Our attention and energy can inadvertently be focused there instead of in our present lifetime where it was meant to be. Also, if we are having some difficulty in another lifetime, it can be an even bigger distraction for us, because we are aware on some level that we are having difficulties, yet we do not quite know what is causing them and how to effectively deal with them.

Those difficulties can actually “bleed over” from other lives into our current one and even cause us problems in the present, blocking us from achieving goals, or even simply being happy. Of course, this doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it can be a huge problem for us, especially the more aware we become spiritually.

And when this is a problem for us, clearing whatever is happening in these parallel lives, in parallel worlds or parallel universes, can be a valuable tool in the creation of our happiness here and helping ourselves to achieve success and the goals we desire for ourselves.

4 Comments on “How Parallel Lives Can Affect Us Negatively”

  1. Michael Clarkson

    Mind blowing! Quantum Theory at the Soul level!

    If an infinite number of universes exist with an infinite number of possible futures then it isn’t so big a stretch to consider that the resonance of those futures we are closest to can overlap as Sally suggests.

    If you drop a stone in a pool of water, it creates a wave that radiates out. If you drop another stone in simultaneously, the ripples create an interference pattern. This has to be the bleed over effect she describes.

    So if we can hear echoes of these other alternative existences, the trick has to be in somehow changing the frequency our spiritual antenna collects that information from.

    I’m intrigued, I need to know more!

    1. admin

      Yes, it is, Michael! It really is fascinating, isn’t it? :~)

      What’s even more mind-blowing to me is this … say you’re running 8 timelines (or lives) at once. Well, if you ask “Which timeline am I in now, in my present-day life?” And say you get an answer of 3. Well, that means that you’re not necessarily #1 and, for me at least, really puts perspective on everything. To me, that’s crazy.

      And then, what’s even crazier than that is this … say you’re married. Ask what timeline your husband or wife is currently in. The numbers may not match, much less the number of live they are living may be totally different. Say for your Mom or Dad or brother or sister. It’s gets really bizarre when you think of it like that. You may be in timeline 3, while your Mom is in timeline 2, your Dad in timeline 6 and your brother in timeline 5.

      How can we even grasp it all?!? ;~)

  2. myron hollmond

    I had a dream where my family went downtown to this old two story store where we had storage on the second floor. I went to where my things were and saw that I had 20 paintings. I instantly remembered all 20 paintings. How I had drawn them, painted them and the feelings attached to them. They were drawn about 25 years ago in that parallel time line. I remember thinking in the dream (lucid dreaming), “oh yea I did paint these canvases a while ago. So when I woke up I said to myself that I surely did paint them because I remembered doing so but not the waking me in this timeline did it but the me in the other timeline did it. I also remember 80s music from that timeline that does not exist here in this timeline. Also I had another job in that timeline. I look the same as I do in this timeline. Can someone explain what is going on with me?

    1. Sallie

      Hey Myron!

      It sounds like you’ve been exploring parallel lifetimes, which is entirely possible, but you do want to be careful because you want to be sure to stay primarily focused on the life you’re currently living because you have lots of things you need to do here! You can get lots of interesting information and insight by exploring parallel lifetimes for sure, but your main focus should always be where you currently are.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my post and let me know if you need further assistance in understanding this phenomenon.

      Sallie 🙂

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