Your Path and Life Purpose: Just What Does that Mean?

When we choose to incarnate, we come here with a “goal” of sorts – a purpose – that we intend to fulfill. Whether that is related to healing or helping others, or simply being of service, we make choices along the way that encompasses our “path” that can help us in the achievement of that chosen purpose.

And when I use the word “achieve,” I don’t mean in the competitive sense, but rather in terms of fulfillment. The truth is, by fulfilling our purpose and doing what we came here to do, we can find great happiness.

We will also find the greatest level of abundance in our lives when we are in the best, happiest place we can be; only good can come to us then.

How do we fulfill our purpose?

Fulfilling our purpose is actually quite simple – much simpler than we realize. It simply means using all of the Soul-level gifts and talents we have in as great a capacity as possible and sharing them with the world – which is precisely why we came here. This includes gifts and talents that we have cultivated in this lifetime as well as before this lifetime.

Actively working to fulfill our purpose gives us the greatest level of satisfaction in our own lives because we are using the gifts and talents we have worked so hard at Soul-level to develop and nurture over lifetimes and lifetimes.

When we don’t use our gifts and talents to their full potential, it can feel like “pulling teeth” to get through the day, because we can’t find happiness no matter what we do. And because we are not fulfilling our purpose, we constantly feel that we aren’t in the right place. Though we know this, we don’t know how to make it better because we can’t see what’s hiding in plain sight.

This is what happens to many of us. We know we’re not happy where we are. We have become experts at feeling discontented. But we also know there is something better out there. So we search for it … and search … and search.

It’s hard to know where to start. So we try LOTS of things to find the answers we seek. Some things benefit us more than others, and sometimes it’s like breadcrumbs along a path… a VERY LONG, EXPENSIVE path.

What stops us from knowing and fulfilling our purpose?

Many things can stop us from clearly identifying and confidently moving toward our purpose. Our uncertainties and fears can stop us from stepping into our true gifts and talents and utilizing them to the fullest.

Sometimes we fear our own power and what it might do or how it might be misused if seen by the world. Sometimes it’s fear of change, or that we might be wrong in what we “think” we “should” be doing with our lives. Or perhaps we spend so much time listening to others’ opinions of our lives that we have lost the ability to follow our own guidance systems or receive guidance from Spirit.

Negative energy from past experiences can contribute to this situation and is one of the primary reasons clients come to me for assistance. This is also one of the first issues I address in any clearing session I do, regardless of the client’s issues. Reconnecting our “inner guidance” system fully to both our Higher Self and our Spirit Guide team is essential to understand, know, and find ways we can fulfill our purpose.

Without having that guidance system in place working regularly to strengthen it, we lose confidence in our decisions, feel a lack of creativity and inspiration, and can even feel lost and alone. Seeking guidance elsewhere will ultimately only serve to lead us astray.

Finding the Answers

What if someone could tell you specifically WHAT purpose you came here to fulfill and just HOW you intended to fulfill it? And what steps you can take NOW to begin to see a transformation in your life?

Wouldn’t having that level of knowledge about yourself and your life benefit you? It has for me and my clients!

This is precisely why I created the Soul Path Evolution™ Signature Profile Reading.

This reading is based on the idea that we will only see true abundance in our lives if we are fully aligned with our path and purpose. But how can you achieve that if you don’t know what that is?

Whether you are a spiritually-oriented teacher, healer, or artist, or someone actively working toward spiritual development, or simply looking for clarity and a transformation on a deeper level, this reading will benefit you greatly. I can give you the level of knowledge, enlightenment, and awareness you need to make that breakthrough you are seeking and get you well on your Path to Abundance TODAY!

I can help you clearly understand WHO you are at Soul-level and your Path and Purpose in this lifetime, and just HOW you can begin taking steps NOW to achieve it, so you can also be that much closer to that extraordinary life of abundance you deserve.

I can help you course-correct and fine-tune the steps you are currently taking toward fulfillment and abundance so that you reach it all that much quicker.

Remember, YOU and ONLY YOU are the powerful creator of your own existence. You create your own reality and the level of abundance you achieve each and every day by the actions you take and the choices you make here in your physical existence.

So why not find out the best way to utilize your energy to create your future instead of just continuing to guess at it?

Click here to find out how you can powerfully create the future you deserve TODAY!

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