Your Passion Is Where Your Abundance Lies

Higher Self Passion AbundanceOne of the most obvious and direct ways our Higher Self likes to communicate with us that I have seen is through desire and intense emotion. This is also, I believe, one of the most misunderstood communications that we get on a regular basis, next to communication from our Spirit Guides.

When your Higher Self chooses to incarnate, it has a list of many things that it wants to accomplish while here, as well as many things it wants to experience and learn about. This is another reason for incarnating into multiple parallel lives at one time.

The problem is that often there is a disconnect of sorts. We are not always aware of what it is our Higher Self wants us to do at the conscious level. Because of this, there has to be a way for our Higher Self to “direct” us toward certain things so that it can gain the learning experience it needs to evolve spiritually.

The best way for it to do this – to get the message to us – is through DESIRE. And it’s usually an intense desire that just won’t go away. Like that longing you have to go back to school for art or perhaps psychology, to help people in need, yet you don’t know exactly how. Or maybe you’ve always had a fascination with nursing or practicing medicine, but you don’t quite know why or how it would even remotely fit into your life.

Well, those are just a couple of examples of ways your Higher Self communicates its need for fulfillment on some level regarding its purpose. And remember, your Soul’s life purpose is to express all of its gifts and talents that it has cultivated at Soul-level throughout its many lifetimes in as many ways as possible while incarnated, and it is only through the expression of our Soul purpose that we can achieve abundance in this life. For it is when we are completely in our flow of self-expression that abundance flows freely to and from us in ALL areas of our lives.

And these “hints” that we receive in the form of desire or longing to do or explore some new avenue are really messages for you that it needs you to express certain aspects of your purpose. And those desires are fantastic ways to do that.

Ok, so maybe it’s not always possible, or even feasible, to drop everything and go back to school for art, or completely change careers, but there’s nothing wrong with picking up a pencil and drawing something or a paintbrush and experimenting, or even going to your local bookstore to peruse some art books. You never know, you might find you really enjoy yourself, and you might discover some new talent or aspect of yourself you didn’t even know was there.

Regardless of how you respond to your desires, just know that they are there for a reason. What that reason is, only you know and only you can find out by exploring them at least to some degree. There simply has to be something of value in it for you – some sort of learning experience – or else that desire would never exist within you in the first place.

So, the next time, you experience any sort of intense desire or longing to explore some new avenue of your life that might take you down an entirely new path, don’t ignore it. Instead, explore it.

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