Why Develop Your Intuition?

“Intuition (is) perception via the unconscious.”
                                                  – Carl Gustav Jung

You know it. You’ve all been there – in that place where you feel lost and confused and can’t seem to find the answer no matter what you do, even if it were to save your life in that very moment. Maybe you think you have the solution one minute, but the very next you are right back where you started, just as confused and lost as you were to begin with.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to rely on in those times?

Well, that’s exactly where your intuition and what we refer to today as developing psychic abilities comes into play. Your intuition is your own personal inner guidance system that allows us to find our way in an otherwise confusing world. It gives us direction when we cannot otherwise find it through logical thought processes and gives us a place to turn for answers when there are none to find in our physical existence or from friends and loved ones.

The idea of using your intuition is nothing new. Carl Jung, a pioneer in the field of psychology, identified the four fundamental psychological functions as thinking, feeling, sensation, and … you guessed it… intuition. Now his definition of intuition was slightly different from how we use it today, and was more focused on how our perception figured into our process of thought based on a combination of past experience, future possibility, and unconscious processes. When we refer to it now, it really goes beyond our own personal experience and thought processes, because we can actually draw on guidance from outside of ourselves and our direct experience.

Where does it come from?

Spiritual guidance can come from any number of sources. Just a few examples are God our Divine Creator, Angels and Archangels, Spirits of all kinds, and even deceased loved ones. But the very best source of spiritual guidance and healing wisdom is often our own Self, or rather one of the different aspects of our Self. For example, our Higher Self will have a very different perspective than our Subconscious Self, and certainly a very different perspective than our Conscious Self, who is having difficulty making the decision in the first place.

We can also turn to our Team of Spirit Guides for help as well. These Souls are assigned specifically to us and we actually ‘hire’ them starting at our birth and continue until we have a full team sometime in our 20’s. Their sole job is to help guide and protect us, and to help us create the life we desire for ourselves. Click Here to read my article about the role our Higher Self and Spirit Guides play in our lives.

How do we benefit from using our intuition?

Developing our intuition can help us in SO many ways. From gaining simple clarity in times of confusion to making life-changing decisions, having a higher source of inspiration and guidance can never be a bad thing. And it’s not just for our own benefit. We can use our intuition and perception to help others – our family, friends, and loved ones. It allows us to receive answers from just about any source that we choose and request guidance “on demand” in times of need, or for any reason we want really.

Our inner guidance system can even send us messages when we need to change or shift something about our lives that we didn’t realize we needed to. This is even more valuable, because it’s like having that objective perspective on things that we can’t give to ourselves at the conscious level, even though we so badly need it! Examples of these messages are urges to take a different way to work, for example, or not to eat a certain food, or perhaps a craving for something or a song running through our head for no reason at all – these can all be messages from Spirit filtered through our intuition.

The very best thing about receiving messages like this is that we know we did not put them there. We usually receive them out of the blue, which means that someone “up there” is trying to communicate with us about something for our greater benefit, and perhaps the benefit of others as well. The important thing to remember is never to ignore the messages we get from our intuition. They are coming through for a reason and the very best thing we can do for ourselves is to listen.

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