Where Do We Go When We Sleep?

When we lay down to sleep every night, we don’t just sleep. We actually travel – to what we refer to as astral planes. These are actually separate plane of existence, where entire worlds exist and events take place, just like here on the physical plane. These are not only the places we go to after we pass away, depending on our belief system and our choices while incarnated, but are also where we travel to while we sleep to gain new experiences for ourselves so that we do not have to do it while awake.

There are seven positive and seven negative astral planes that we can travel to. As Lightworker Souls, we are truly intended to only go to the positive astral planes, because the negative planes contain energies that are in opposition to light and spiritual evolution. These are not very nice places to visit, and are actually where our idea of Hell is conceived from. Souls who are negative in nature, that is, those who have chosen to work against Divine Light rather than working with it and using it as a spiritual resource, will feel right at home there and will actually make it their home after passing.

The problem is that the negative astral planes are just as easily accessible to us as the positive astral planes. Lightworker Souls can go there by accident, or sometimes on missions to save other Souls who have become trapped there. We can even go there consciously by our thoughts while we are awake; however, it isn’t very common. Regardless of the reason, going there is risky because we can encounter forms of negativity that brings harm to our own Souls.

Signs that someone is travelling to negative astrals when they sleep include disturbed sleep patterns, nightmares, insomnia, or simply not feeling rested after sleeping all night. When we travel there, we will tend to block out the experience altogether, feeling as though we haven’t dreamt at all, when in fact, we may have been travelling to negative astral planes all night while we slept. Not only can we spend our days not feeling rested as a result of negative astral travel, but I have seen it lead to bad moods, depression, and even difficulty in dealing with our relationships and current circumstances, making our daily life a heck of a lot harder to deal with than it needs to be.

We can even become trapped there, which can be destructive to us, as we can pick up a great deal of negative energy while we are there. Becoming trapped in one of these negative astral planes is the equivalent of a “night terror” – or a nightmare that you cannot wake up from. This happens quite often to children, and can be especially hard for them to deal with.

As a part of every Soul Clearing I complete for clients, I check to see if they have been travelling to Negative Astral Planes, either while they have been sleeping or consciously, through their thought patterns. When I do find that have been either recently, or earlier in their lives, I clear any negative energy that I find that has resulted from their time there. I also advise the client on how to stop it from happening again in the future.

4 Comments on “Where Do We Go When We Sleep?”

  1. Angela

    I am so intrigued by this topic. I often ask myself upon awakening “where did you go last night” Since I have been a follower of non-duality the last five years it’s something I find even more fascinating. I would be interested in more topics such as this. Thank you

  2. Kenya

    I knew when I woke just now, that I had to look up where do we go in our dreams. I know for sure I went somewhere else. I felt myself drift back. How do I explore more, find out more? I know I’m on a spiritual journey right now that’s leading somewhere

    1. Sallie Keys

      The easiest way to increase your spiritual experiences is to be open to them occurring. Too often, I see people shut things down without meaning to, and that’s just not the way to be open to better things occurring and allowing spirituality into your life in a bigger way. If you want to explore your dreams more, be open before you go to sleep, but always set the intent to stay positive and go to positive places.

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