When Others Manifest For Us

manifest moneyThere are some Souls out there who expend so much energy on the manifestation and creation of other’s lives rather than their own that they can actually have a real effect on the outcomes of our lives. It’s typically people who are not very happy in their own lives and not living in their own purpose that tend to do this.

And you’ll often find that they don’t have much else to do either except to wonder about your life or perhaps even live somewhat vicariously through your life. The problem with this is that eventually they will get so involved with your life that they put more energy into it than their own. And the problem with that is they can actually begin to manifest things for you and your life that they want for you, rather than what you want for yourself.

The lines can easily get blurred between what we want and what others want for us. And yes, we can very easily manifest things for others as easily as we can manifest things for ourselves.

I won’t say this can happen all the time, but it DOES happen. It’s typically something that happens when we are in a weakened or disempowered state where we are just not feeling more powerful than those around us or our circumstances. Perhaps life has taken its toll on us or we have simply forgotten that we are the powerful creators of our own existence.

In any case, feeling weaker or like we are not in control of our lives automatically gives others power over us and makes us more susceptible to outcomes being created in our lives that are not what we want.

And in the end, it’s not that anyone necessarily means us any harm, or at least we hope not! It’s really more of a valuable lesson for us that we really need to regain control over our lives because we are allowing our power to slip away from us and basically giving it away to those around us. It means that we are potentially allowing our own circumstances to be controlled by outside forces rather than from the point where they should be – within us.

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