What Your Soul Wants You to Know

Soul Higher SelfOur Soul has a much deeper and broader perspective on things than we do typically. It knows that we are here for growth and enlightenment and to fulfill and desire and a need to learn. It also knows that sometimes we are in need of guidance and a fresh perspective to help us navigate the waters of this physical existence because we can very easily and quickly lose objectivity.

Our Soul wants us to know many things. These are just a few:

  1. Your Soul is limitless and so are You. There are no boundaries to your life as your mind would have you believe. The only boundaries that exist are the ones of your own creation. YOU are the only person who can limit yourself or allow yourself to be limited, for even when it seems like there is no recourse and no answer to be found, there is one, I assure you. You only have to get creative and look outside of the box you have created for yourself to find it.
  2. True freedom lies within you – within your Soul. By looking within yourself, to know better and more fully WHO YOU TRULY ARE, you will find freedom – the freedom that resides within you by allowing it to come through and express itself to the world. For that is true freedom – being WHO YOU TRULY ARE.
  3. Your truth is also found within. Your truth, that is – no one else’s, but your own. And that’s all that matters, when it comes down to it. Your perception, your experience, your response to the world – YOUR TRUTH. Your truth is what carries you through your darkest hour, because it is precisely what allows you to step into your power and express it to the world.
  4. Healing takes time and patience. We are not perfect beings – none of us – not humans, not us as Souls. We make mistakes and we learn and we must heal from them, and this is never an overnight process. It’s never as simple as it seems it “should” be.
  5. We each have our own experience, unique to us and no one else. Every experience we have is ours and no one else’s. We may cross paths with others and thus share experiences, but this is no way changes the fact that we must obtain our own perception of our experiences so that we can learn from them. For it is only through learning, even when it seems unpleasant, that we grow as human beings and as Souls, preparing for the next level of enlightenment along our path.

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