What Your Soul Wants You To Know About Your Past Lives

Your Soul has lived many lifetimes and has had many experiences. Your past lives are loaded with knowledge for you to gain from. It wants you to know about them. It wants you to know that no matter how bad an experience you have had may SEEM to you, there was value in it for you. There is value in all the learning you have experienced, no matter what it was or when it occurred.

Your Soul wants you to know that.

Your Soul wants you to know you can move on from the past toward a better future. You don’t have to continue to struggle. You deserve a good life. Understanding your past is one of the things that will get you there, so your Soul wants you to know about your past so you can use what you have already learned to create a better future.

Your Soul doesn’t want you to be afraid to heal your past lives. Healing is simply part of the journey of becoming who again and understanding yourself better. Your Soul WANTS you to know who you really are, so you can express yourself better and have the life you deserve.

True fulfillment is achieved through the full expression of who you are.

Your Soul wants you to experience fulfillment, happiness, health, wealth and abundance. Your Soul wants you to heal and to move forward and be happy. Your Soul wants you to know you WILL be free and happy again.

One day, you WILL be home again. You WILL be free once again.

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