What Water Can Teach Us

Dr. Emoto’s water experiments taught us a lot about energy, how it travels and how it can affect matter. It taught us that our words truly do have an effect on our environment and can easily change the energetic vibration of a substance nearby. Because water carries the vibration of life within it naturally, and it is such an integral part of our lives and our physical existence that seeing it change right before our eyes tends to have a profound effect on us.

Dr. Emoto’s experiments really made us stand up and notice how easily we can shift matter around us with our words and reminded us of the importance of being positive to affect positive change in the world around us. It is a reminder of the importance of keeping our energetic vibration as high as we possibly can each day in order to manifest positive outcomes.

The higher our energetic vibration, the more positive we are, and the more positive the outcomes we will attract, so it’s really important to keep it as high as possible as much as possible. The only thing being negative is going to do for us is place us in a lower vibrational state that will attract more negativity to us.

While for most of us, it’s “easier said than done” to remain in a positive mental state most of the time, there are things we can do to increase our vibration throughout our day to try and prevent us from going to a negative place, or staying there too long when we do encounter negative experiences.

Good music is one. Laughter is another. Spending time with friends doing activities we enjoy is also a great way to raise your vibration. But what about following in Dr. Emoto’s footsteps?

In honor of Dr. Emoto, try your own experiment with water. Take a piece of paper and write down a feeling you want to experience. Then tape the piece of paper to a bottle of water, or even better, write it right on the water bottle if you can … and then drink!

This is a great way to help increase your own energetic vibration by increasing the vibration of the water you drink to help you attract more positive experiences and more abundance into your life. You can even try it with food or other drinks as well. The more you nourish yourself with good vibrations, the better your life will be!

2 Comments on “What Water Can Teach Us”

  1. Jessica

    I love this post! It completely speaks to me. I agree about the vibration and think it is one of the most under-utilized and misunderstood energetic components. When one understands it, you can improve the quality of life exponentially! I’m sharing this wonderful post!

    1. salliekeys

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment and share my post Jessica! I agree with you. Water is such an amazing substance and so important to life!

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