Use Joy and Gratitude to Manifest Positive Energy in Your Life

joy and gratitude, positive emotions, positive energyRecently, I have been studying manifestation more closely in an effort to improve my own process and the processes my clients use. As a result of my research, different key points and aspects of it have been coming to light over the past few weeks, so as always, I am sharing what I learn with the world in what is appears to be turning out to be a series of articles. This is the first of what I believe may be three, or possibly more, articles on ways to improve your manifestation efforts and processes. Be sure to stay tuned for more!

Most of us are quite aware of the fact that in order to attract positive energy into our lives, we must utilize positive thinking, especially when it comes to the manifestation techniques we utilize. As simple to understand as the theory that like attracts like, utilizing positive thoughts such as joy and gratitude are actually an essential part of the creation process.

I was very much reminded of this when I recently watched the documentary The Secret again after originally seeing it so many years ago. It was so interesting to me to watch it again after all this time, because I am in such a different place now than I was when I first watched it. Back then, everything they said in the movie made sense at an intellectual level, but I had experienced very little of it as truth at that point.

Now, however, the points that stuck out significantly to me were the fact that we are always creating – creating our present, our future, and even our past in some respects, if nothing else than by our ever-changing perspective on things. This makes it essential for us to keep a positive mindset as much as possible, because the more in line with manifestation we all become, the more quickly and easily we can create both positive AND negative outcomes with very little effort in our thought processes.

Another thing that really stood out to me was how important it is to stay in a state of gratitude to show appreciation for all that we have been given and so that we attract more and more of it into our lives by affirming what we have been fortunate enough to receive.

Not only that, but expressing joy for all that we have and are is just as important. The more good we see in our lives, the more we will have.

And it just keeps growing from there.

Both of these energies – joy and gratitude – can be used as part of our manifestation process to create the positive outcomes we desire, rather than the negative ones we don’t want. Even more important to understand is the concept that these energies are not just there for us to utilize – they are very much a part of us and our energetic makeup, just like the energies of truth, love, and light are. Because of that, we must be cognizant of just how much in alignment with these energies we are, as they are such an essential part of the manifestation process – the more in alignment with these energies we are, the easier our manifestation efforts will be, and the more we use these energies, the greater their power grows in our lives and the more joy and gratitude we will see as a result in their lives.

Increasing our alignment with these energies, as well as all the other positive energies available to us, can help us improve the outcome of our manifestation efforts by making them both more positive and successful. It can also make each and every day a more positive one overall.

Get started right now by asking yourself … What do you have to be grateful for?

3 Comments on “Use Joy and Gratitude to Manifest Positive Energy in Your Life”

  1. Setshedi

    Wow! This is awesome, you are so talking to me, touching my very CORE. I relate so much & must be more focused to just manifest more. I’m ever so grateful to God, he’s so GOOD to me, throughout my years of life. I trust He’ll keep guiding me & looking after me as I stay in remembrance & gratitude, sharing with love, what He bestows upon me. Thank you Lord & thank you all.

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