The Value of the Conscious Mind

conscious mindMany of us spend a lot of time working to get guidance from Spirit. But there are many times when the guidance we get from our helpers in Spirit is not as valuable as our own experiences and the knowledge we hold from them at the conscious level.

This is not to say that there isn’t significant value in the guidance we can obtain from Spirit, but we should never discount or underestimate our knowledge base on any subject. After all, we are the ones who are here experiencing it and living out each day at the conscious level. Why not take advantage of some of that knowledge and utilize it to the fullest extent possible?

By overlooking our conscious experiences, we are shortchanging ourselves and we have to remember that our own guidance system works as a combination effort of many things. It’s not only guidance from spirit that helps us to gain more understanding, but also our Subconscious that we must give credit to, as well as our choices and actions that we make at the conscious level. It’s never just one aspect of us that helps us to find answers.

And no one part of us is any less significant than another. They are all just as important and should be given just as much credit and paid just as much attention to as the others parts. There is learning and there are messages everywhere for us. We simply have to pay attention to find them all. But overlooking or ignoring significant parts of ourselves simply won’t help us to see them.

After all, sometimes we have to look deep within ourselves to find the truth, and sometime the answers we are looking for are right there in front of our faces.

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