The Power of the Higher Self

Each of us has three aspects, or levels, to our consciousness – the Subconscious, the Conscious Self, and the Higher Self. As I wrote in a previous article, The Power of the Subconscious Mind, our subconscious is like a child version of ourselves, but one that has a great deal of power and influence in our lives, because it has the ability to stop us cold in our tracks from creating what we desire for ourselves.

Our Conscious Self, on the other hand, is the part of you that fully experiences your waking life each day and holds your memories from all of your experiences. It makes the choices and decisions and takes the actions necessary in your life, but also suffers the consequences of those choices and actions.

Your Higher Self is the aspect of yourself that is your Soul, and sees things from a much higher perspective, thus we refer to it as the Higher Self. It contains all the knowledge of our collective experiences throughout all of the lifetimes we have lived. It is the part of us that has chosen it’s soul path and soul purpose and how that will be experienced in this lifetime in the form of a life purpose.

It is important to get all three of these pieces of ourselves communicating well together and fully connected. With most of us, this is unfortunately not the case and is also one of the first things I check for when I work with a new client because this is such an important aspect of our own spirituality. The reason why is that when we are not fully communicating with all aspects of ourselves, we tend to have more difficulty in our daily lives than is truly necessary.

What most people don’t realize is that not only can our Subconscious control the flow of things in and out of our lives and give us insight into things we do not readily see at a conscious level, but the Higher Self can do the exact same thing, only from a much higher perspective.

Let me give you an example…

A client of mine had a financial block that he was trying to work past. His automatic assumption was that it was some sort of underlying fear within him stopping him from achieving the level of financial freedom he desired. By the time he came to me, he had done a ton of clearing around every fear he could think of in order to try to shift things, but nothing had worked.

Once I channeled both his Spirit Guide Team and his Higher Self, it was explained to me that the reason for his financial block was not any sort of negative energy he was carrying from past experiences. The reason for it was that his Higher Self was attempting to complete a life lesson and his financial goals here in the physical were actually interfering with what the Higher Self was trying to accomplish. The lesson that the Higher Self was attempting to work on was something regarding learning to be happy without money.

What a conundrum! (And quite the unexpected answer to the problem as well!)

By gaining this knowledge, I was able to guide the client toward communicating more actively with his Higher Self so that he would still be able to meet his financial goals and even come to an “agreement” of sorts to allow his Higher Self to work on its life lesson if he chose to.

And the moral of the story is…

Sometimes we are so blinded by our own circumstances that we need a “fresh” perspective from someone on the outside. It often helps us greatly to seek out the insight of others in more ways than we realize. The reason why is that not only do they have a different viewpoint in things, but also they can receive messages for us from Spirit that we are often too blocked to receive due to fears or confusion.

Also, please know that this guidance can come from anywhere, from a stranger you pass on the street, to your best friend that you’ve known for years. It does not necessarily have to come from someone that you pay for guidance, although that may be the very best course of action for you because they are quite experienced in obtaining the answers you need to all of your questions.

4 Comments on “The Power of the Higher Self”

  1. Rika

    Thank you, I very enjoyed reading your Newsletter. And it is true, guidance comes in many shapes or forms, it is important to be present and to pay attention to clues along the way…

  2. Scott

    Several years ago, I read several books on dmreas and kept a dream journal for two years. I would never have seen the patterns nor recognized the symbols in my dream had I not kept that journal over an expanse of time. I was even able to get to lucid dreaming and that was a great experience! Also, I have received entire songs, lyrics and melody, in dmreas. I highly recommend the dream journal to anyone who hasn’t tried it.

    1. admin

      I agree, Scott! It’s one of the best ways to keep track of the messages you get from Spirit while sleeping, and you really can get lots of them while sleeping!

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