The Power of Belief and How It Relates to 12-21-2012

Power of BeliefOur belief system is responsible for many things in our lives. It dictates the choices we make, how we view things, our perception of our experiences, and how we respond to the world. In many instances, it truly defines who we are at any given moment. Changing one belief can alter our entire system of beliefs and our view of our world around us permanently.

Shifting just one belief in any direction can literally take us to a more positive or negative place almost instantaneously. And we can apply this concept to just about anything in our lives, especially the world around us, because how we view things is based entirely on our belief system.

Take all the writing about December 21, 2012 for example. I’m sure you’ve seen it all – articles saying the world is going to end all the way to articles saying it’s an ascension to a new spiritual and energetic place for us all. Personally, I believe the latter.

But the truth is, do we really know what it means? How can we possibly when it’s unlike anything anyone has ever experienced before. What we do know is that there are a ton of solar shifts and alignments happening that day and that it may actually shift where we reside in the Universe.

But the outcome of all the changes… it’s impossible to know just yet.

That’s precisely where belief comes in. If you believe the world is going to end, you may see and experience some very negative outcomes as a result, even if the world does not actually end. If you believe that the outcome will be a positive one, your experience will be entirely more positive.

This goes for anything in our lives. We attract to us what we are like a magnet. This includes our beliefs and our state of mind. If our state of mind is negative, our experience will be. If our state of mind is positive, we will have positive experiences. And these days, especially with the shifts and changes in energy happening all around us, it’s vital that we remain as positive as possible so that we can attract those positive outcomes to ourselves.

So what you should be asking yourself is… what do YOU want to happen on December 21st?

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