The Importance of Healing the Physical Body

Often along our healing journey, we tend to jump to the need for Spiritual Healing by looking for an underlying reason for our difficulties traced back to some spiritual source. Make no mistake – there is always a spiritual source, and a reason for our difficulty.

But too many times, we overlook the importance of working on the physical body as well as healing ourselves energetically or spiritually. This includes taking physical action to find the healing we so greatly deserve and desire. Our physical bodies are one of the most important parts of us and deserve as much attention as we can give to them. That’s the part of us, after all, that grounds us into our physical realities and allows us to CREATE everything we desires for ourselves.

While it’s pretty easy to have someone “fix” us at the energetic and spiritual level, sometimes it’s not so easy to put the work in to carry the healing through to bring it into our present existence. Sometimes hard work is required and we can’t just “wave our magic wands” to get the healing we need.

But that should NEVER stop you from trying.

That peace, joy, glowing health and abundance is out there waiting for you. All you have to do is ask to get the process started. It isn’t more complicated than that. And when the healing does begin and maybe this is the one time you find it’s not so easy and simple to get the results you wanted, don’t give up and think you can’t achieve it. YOU CAN.

You just might have to dig deeper than you expected to find the wisdom and understanding you need to heal yourself completely. But that’s OK. There’s usually an extremely valuable life lesson in what you are experiencing, whether you realize it or not. If you can just stand by the healing and move forward with it, looking for the deeper meaning in it all, you will find some amazing things on the other side that you won’t be able to see or comprehend until you get there.

I guarantee it.

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