The 5 Top Energies that Block Manifestation

negative energy that blocks manifestationAny time we feel or experience lower energies, it brings us to a lower place vibrationally, but out of all the negative energy we experience, there are just a few that seem to be the most detrimental for our manifestation efforts, at least in my experience.

The first is that of depression. Sadness also falls into this category. Lots of things can make us depressed or sad. Leading a life that is not fulfilling to us is probably number one. The reason why is because when we are not fully expressing our Soul’s purpose, we automatically feel unfulfilled and unhappy at some level, and it really shows up in our life everywhere we turn. Everything seems more difficult for us.

What’s amazing to me about this energy is that it can be with us at a very low level running in the background without us even realizing it the effect it is having on us and our life. This makes it probably the most damaging of all because it’s not always quite so prevalent to us and we tend to learn to operate regardless of how much of this energy we are experiencing. But when we are depressed we tend to simply not care what outcome we create for our lives, and if you don’t care than why bother creating anything?

Being tired or stressed out are next on the list. These two kind of go together in my opinion, because if you are overtired, your life is going to be a heck of a lot more stressful than if you have had enough rest. You can also be more tired than usual if you are stressed out, and being stressed certainly leads to a lack of motivation that mirrors being tired. And if you’re tired, you simply won’t be able to create because you don’t have enough energy to.

Self-doubt is a huge problem when it comes to manifesting, because if you doubt yourself and your ability to create, than you simply won’t create. This energy can often be related to an underlying belief that we cannot create or doubt our own ability to attract and manifest what we want for ourselves, which should be fairly obvious why that would block us from manifesting. This energy can stay very hidden within us, but when it comes down to it, if we don’t 100% KNOW we have the ability to create what we want, then we won’t be able to, no matter what we try.

I believe anger is probably the most obvious one. It’s not fun to be angry – that’s for sure. And it can even come as a result of being tired or stressed. But it’s probably one of the lowest vibrational energies I’ve listed here. It’s virtually impossible to create anything positive when we are angry because it’s an all-consuming energy that takes our focus completely. The only thing we feel when we are angry is anger, and there’s just not room for anything else.

By investigating just how much you are aligned to these energies and then eliminating them from your life as much as possible, you will not only find you are much happier than you have ever been, but also that your manifestation efforts meet with MUCH greater success and abundance flows MUCH more freely into your life!

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