Soul Clearing for Financial Abundance

soul clearing for financial abundanceWhen you look at the areas of your life in which you are not experiencing abundance, the first one that probably comes to mind for you is money. It is for most of us. Interesting, isn’t it? And it’s not that money is always the most important aspect of our lives, but yet when we are lacking enough of it, it’s always the biggest problem we have.

The reason for that is because when we are lacking money, we are also lacking purpose.

But let’s take a closer look at what purpose means. We tend to think that purpose is simply defined by something we came here to do, and it is in a way, but even more than that – it’s about expressing our Soul-level gifts and talents in the expression of that purpose.

In fact, that’s how we truly experience abundance in our lives, by finding ourselves again – who we really are. And anything that connects us back to who we really are helps us manifest abundance in our lives.

The experience of lack in our lives is an indication to us that something is out of alignment for us. And it’s usually related to our purpose – that we are somehow not aligned with our purpose and what we came here to do, which is to be who we really are.

What is needed to experience abundance again is a realignment and a reconnection to our purpose and to who we really are – to our Soul. A Soul Clearing, which is conducted as part of an Akashic Records Reading, is one of the best ways to achieve this because it not only reminds us very clearly of who we are at Soul-level and what we came here to do, but also reconnects us back to our purpose and reactivates it within us on a whole new level.

There are a lot of things that happen during a Soul Clearing, such as reconnecting to our Higher Self and our Spirit Guides, activation of our DNA, restoring of energetic protection we were intended to have and updating and reconnecting to our path and purpose. But by far, one of the most important components of a Soul Clearing is clearing of negative energy, or “emotional baggage,” from past experiences, both in this lifetime and previous ones that is still with us is also cleared away during a Soul Clearing.

The reason why this is so significant is because any negative energy we are still holding onto from our past not only takes us directly out of alignment with our purpose, but also takes us directly out of alignment with abundance. By removing the negative energy from our past experiences through Energy Clearing, we really begin to experience who we are once again and remember what our path and purpose means to us.

It is that remembering and reconnection that helps align us with abundance once again because we are suddenly making choices and taking actions that work to fulfill our purpose rather than go against it. Life becomes a whole lot less of a struggle after a Soul Clearing because we are so well connected to ourselves and our purpose that there is no question about the choices and actions we take. Amazing opportunities open up to us that simply weren’t there before, and those opportunities are only one way we experience increased abundance.

Having a Soul Clearing is like opening the doorway to the future we KNOW we deserve. Everything becomes more plentiful – ideas, talents, relationships and finances, just to name a few. But most of all we are in a state of greater clarity and awareness so that we can fully identify and take advantage of the new and wonderful things coming our way after an Akashic Records Soul Clearing.

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