Sometimes Letting Go Is the ONLY Answer

letting goThere are times when we have difficulty that we do everything we can to try and make it better or make it right. Or maybe we try and try and try to figure out the answer to something or why it is the way it is – or maybe why a person behaves like they do.

And for the life of us, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to figure it out. So we keep right on trying – maybe even to the point that we feel like we are banging our heads against a brick wall.

But is that really the best way? Not always. Sometimes we are just trying too hard.

Yes, life can be tough sometimes, but just because we are faced with circumstances that are not always to our immediate liking or comfort level doesn’t mean that we can make them go the way we want them to. And when we try to force a change in our circumstances or the people around us without looking deeper to try and understand them first, we might be missing a valuable lesson.

In fact, there are many times when the Universe is trying to show us something and there is actually little to no effort required on our part to receive the message. We might even be interfering by trying too hard to create a certain outcome, because sometimes we learn the most out of a situation by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

We often don’t want to let go and ALLOW circumstances to unfold before us for fear that it may not turn out quite the best way for us. This is mainly because we feel such a strong need to attempt to control our lives and the circumstances we find ourselves in to create a desired outcome. But what we are really doing without realizing it is interfering with what is attempting to naturally take place on its own without our help.

And the irony in this lies in the idea that sometimes the very outcome we desire is also the same one we are having difficulty creating by means of our control because it is meant to come to us by means OUTSIDE of our control. It is meant to come to us when we LET GO. But when it comes down to it, letting go can be one of the hardest things for us to do because of our fears. When it comes down to it, it’s really about confronting our fears so we can move beyond them.

The lesson here is that if and when we finally do decide to let go, trust that things will be OK, and allow things to take shape before us, we can truly see some amazing things happen. We might be amazed to see that things unfold precisely as we desired in the first place, but not because we tried to make them that way. Instead it was because we did the exact opposite – NOTHING.

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