Signs of Abundance Are Everywhere – Do You See Them?

Signs of Abundance are EverywhereThere are times when we get trapped in negative patterns and allow ourselves to produce thoughts that are counterproductive to forward movement to our goals and dreams.

Maybe something has shifted around us that is making us uncomfortable or we are in new and different circumstances that are uncharted territory for us and it makes us uneasy. After all, it’s not unusual to meet resistance when we encounter situations that are entirely new to us.

But when we are in the midst of it, it’s hard to remember that. And often, it’s not until we are on the other side of that breakthrough do we see the truth – that we are just as powerful and abundant creatures as we always were. It’s just that we were unable to access our power briefly.

Hey – it happens. We are human, after all.

And in those times, we also forget to look for abundance around us. Normally we would see signs of it everywhere, but when we are in a negative frame of mind, all we see around us is more negativity. Why? Because we’re in the frame of mind that tells us the only thing around us is negativity.

Basically, it’s all we’re LOOKING for. And as a result, it’s all we see.

If instead, we were to shift our mindset for one brief second long enough to look for something good in our lives, we would find it, and even attract more of it. Just the simple act of looking for something (either positive or negative) sends out a huge message to the universe that we want more of that thing that is foremost in our mind.

The truth is the signs of abundance are ALWAYS there somewhere, even if you don’t see them immediately. It’s just a matter of if we see them or not. So take a look around you – where do you see signs of abundance?

2 Comments on “Signs of Abundance Are Everywhere – Do You See Them?”

  1. Kim

    Hi Sallie.
    Perfect timing. Some new people have been put in my path. I need a car ASAP and they gave me a number of someone that can help. I’m looking at it as Abundance. And I’ve been doubting my power as well, then I remember my Angels “got this” and everything. I just need to stay in the moment, be grateful and praise them for being here for me. Thanks for your articles.

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