Remembering Your Past Lives: Is It Possible?

Is it possible to remember your past lives? Many people might think it’s not, or might not even believe that they exist, but they do, and yes, it is possible to have past life memories.

We’ve all heard those stories of children who remember their past lives. These amazing stories really give you another perspective on our lives – a much broader one that extends beyond the span of what we understand to be “normal.” There’s a pretty fascinating article in Psychology Today about a few cases of children remembering their past lives just like they had just happened.

While we all can’t remember our past lives with such ease as children can, there are several ways to remember your past lives:

  1. Past Life Regression: This is a method where you are guided by someone else back into a past life so you can experience it almost as if you were there. It is done through the use of hypnosis. If successful, you can get a full recollection of a past life from this method. Healing can sometimes be achieved, but not always through this method.
  2. Guided Meditation: Recorded meditations are available to help you relax and step back in time and into your past lives. You can also be guided by a person through a meditation as well. It can be a very effective way to experience past lives, and much less expensive than having someone guide you through a regression. Plus, you can do it as often as you like and spend as much time in your past lives as you want to explore.
  3. Past Life Reading: This is typically a reading given by an Akashic Records practitioner who accesses your Soul history and explains to you what happened to you in a past life. This is by far my favorite method, not just because it’s what I do, but because healing from the negative aspects of past lives can be achieved while exploring your Akashic Record. This method is good if you don’t want to get tied up in the details of your past lives, but just want to know what happened and how it affects you today. It’s also the best method for healing to be achieved, because you can clear the negative energy from your past lives quickly through the Akashic Records.

If you do decide to explore past lives, know that whichever method you choose will be the right one for you at that time. It also doesn’t hurt to try more than one method to see which you get the best results and overall experience from.

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