Power IS Control

law of attractionHave you ever wondered what determines how much control you have over your life? Over the outcomes and things that show up for you?

The first and most important thing is YOU. YOU determine what shows up for you and what your life looks like by your actions and choices and thoughts and words. What’s important for you to realize is that you are the single most important factor in what you create.

Every action you take creates a reaction and it shows up in your life somewhere. Knowing that simple fact makes you the single most powerful and important person in your life.

Why? Because it’s all up to YOU.

Only YOU have the power you need to change your life – to make it what you want and only YOU can take the bad stuff and turn it around into something good. The single most valuable thing you can do for yourself is accept and come to realize that the power you need to control your life and the outcomes that you create resides WITHIN YOU, and not outside of you.

We tend to almost too quickly blame outside forces and those around us for the bad things that happen to us, but what we must also do to ensure our future success and so that we don’t repeat the same pattern in the future is look within ourselves to see why we attracted what happened to us in the first place.

For it is only when we are bold and brave enough to look within for the answer to why we are experiencing what is outside of us that we will find the answer to ensuring it never happens again and that everything going forward will be better than it has ever been before.

After all, isn’t that what we all want anyway?

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