Overcoming Difficulties During Your Manifestation Process

build createWe each have our own unique manifestation and creation processes. It’s defined by who we are and it’s truly unique to each of us. As the architect of our own lives, it’s how we build our world around us. Some individuals may be similar, but ultimately we must customize our own process to best utilize our own strengths and spiritual abilities in order to create effectively. What works for one person, simply will not work for another in most cases.

But even once we figure out what our manifestation process is and precisely how it works, we can still encounter difficulties fine-tuning it. It can even feel like a struggle sometimes to get it “just right,” but once we do, it can be the most powerful tool we have in our toolbox.

One of the most intriguing things about manifestation that we don’t readily realize is that our creation process can actually reveal A LOT about our underlying doubts. For it is only when we are actually in the process of creating that our doubts begin to surface. Recognizing these doubts can actually be one of the most valuable parts of our manifestation process, that is, if we are not afraid to look at them objectively, rather than with concern or fear. This is because doubts surfacing during your manifestation process will actually show you where you need to look closer so you can clear away old beliefs and patterns stopping you from creating what you desire.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say your manifestation process includes a visualization or a prayer, perhaps. Well, you find that every time you try to get through your visualization of you receiving what you are asking for something goes wrong. Or maybe you keep forgetting the words to your prayer. If instead of getting frustrated with your difficulties, the best course of action is to stop and ask yourself why you are having difficulty getting through your process.

More than likely there is an underlying reason there. It may be a doubt of some sort – a belief issue. Or it could be just a simple lack of desire for what you are trying to manifest. Or perhaps what you are asking for is not truly in alignment with your Soul’s purpose and your difficulties are you Higher Self trying to nudge you in a different direction.

It could be any of those things, but the important thing is that you explore it further to try to gain a better understanding of what your difficulties really mean. Also know that the absolute worst thing that could happen by looking closer at your difficulties is that you figure them out and what their source is. Sure, it can be painful for a brief period of time to look deeper for your truth, but this is precisely what will allow you to move beyond the prison your fears have created for you and into a brand new life where you have exactly what you want for yourself.

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