Message from the Angels: Excess Weight and Weight Loss

message from the angels

Starting this week, I’m going to try something new on my blog to see if there is any interest: Channeled Messages from Spirit. If what I’m doing does interest you, I will happily keep it going, so please be sure to take a moment to comment if you enjoy it!

This week’s message is a Channeled Message from the Angels, and it’s all about excess weight and weight loss:

Dear Ones,

Healing your past when it comes to the need to lose weight can be a huge step forward for you in many ways. What you may not realize is that the issues that caused your difficulty with maintaining your weight at a healthy place may also be the source of many of your other issues.

Self-esteem is not always the source of the issue as many people think it is, but rather self-empowerment is. Excess weight is often a means of protecting oneself from negativity – even if that negativity resides within. It may not always be on the outside of us.

You may find at times you have been protecting yourself from your own issues and dealing with them by distracting yourself with food and overeating or emotional eating in order to make yourself feel better.

This is not the way. The way is to ask God, the Angels and other members of your Spiritual Team for assistance with healing your deeper issues. If you find you cannot get the guidance you need on your own, ask someone for assistance who can and is well versed in receiving guidance from us.

There are times when you may feel lost in terms of how to proceed with becoming healthier and losing weight, but we assure you that you can heal yourself of your issues with excess weight and the inability to maintain a healthy weight by looking deep within. The issue is there for a reason, whether it be to teach you something or help you grow, ultimately it will make you stronger if you work through it as it was intended for you to do.

It was not intended for you to be unable to move through and heal your issue, but it will certainly feel that way if you do not seek assistance to heal yourself so you can grow and move forward.

While the specific source of the issue when it comes to excess weight may very from person to person, the reason is always related back to protection from negativity and a deep need to empower oneself in the face of negativity. Food is often the mechanism through which you may empower yourself, but it is only temporary, and does not maintain the level of power you truly need. 

However, once you realize that you are stronger than any negativity in existence, and you realize that you do, in fact, have the power to control yourself, your emotions, your environment, and most of all, the outcomes for your life, you will begin to realize how powerful you really are.

But this can only happen when you enlist the power of Spirit to help you and make you stronger – to help you find your way when you are lost and to help you grow and learn from your experiences, rather than to remain stuck in them.

It is time for you to move forward and to be of service by helping others learn from the same experiences you have had and that they can benefit from your knowledge in.

Above all, do not be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it. Asking for assistance is the first true step to opening yourself to change.

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6 Comments on “Message from the Angels: Excess Weight and Weight Loss”

  1. Daina

    Love it i am so greatful for your message. You confirm to me what i have been saying for years. Thank you.

  2. Kamania

    Thank you for this lovely post!
    I always forget to let my guides know that I would like their assistance <3 I will try every morning and just before bed to let them know how much I appreciate them and that I am open to their guidance.

    1. Sallie

      Hey Kimania!

      Yes, you absolutely want to ask your Guides to help you. The more you let them know you need help, the more they will help you!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my post.

      Sallie 🙂

  3. Gayatri

    Wow. This message is SPOT ON. I really needed to hear this today. The root of the root. Thank you dear one!

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