Merry Christmas Everyone!

Not only is the holiday season a wonderful time of year to enjoy friends and family, it is also the perfect time to go within and review the year that is coming to a close and all that we have learned from it. And I have to say that I am quite pleased with the peace and joy that I have been able to find recently in spite of the state of the economy and all of the not-so-great things going on around us.

It’s no mistake that achieving peace and satisfaction within oneself helps you to achieve it in the outer, more visible parts of your life. It all starts within and you will find that the more work you do on yourself internally, the better state of mind and being you will be in to handle all that life throws at you.

I know it’s sure helping me wage through all the insanity of the world. I just don’t know where I would be right now mentally and emotionally without having a means of finding that sense of security and prosperity that comes from within rather than always seeking outside of myself for it. I probably wouldn’t be nearly as sane and at peace as I am right at this moment.

For me, it has been all the clearing work I have done on myself and the ability I have gained to do it for others as well. My hope for each of you for the upcoming year is that you may find the same peace within yourselves and your lives, no matter how you achieve it.
I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with many, many blessings for a prosperous, abundant, and fulfilling 2011!

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