Marketing from an Energetic Perspective

As an Energy Healer who has a background in Graphic Design and an MBA in Marketing, I have learned that there is a lot more to communicating with both current and potential clients than just the words you use. Of course the images and types of fonts and colors you use are important because they communicate different messages to the viewer, but what many businesses fail to realize is that there is a lot more to their marketing than just what they see on the surface.

You see, everything is made of energy at its very core – your body, the chair you are sitting in, the computer you are reading this on, and the emotion you feel each and every day. So, in order to really communicate your message to your audience, you have to be able to touch them on a much deeper level – an energetic level, because that is where they are truly touched. You have to understand what’s going on beneath the surface with your client that they don’t tell you and that you can’t readily see.

First, it’s essential to be able to put yourself “in the shoes” of your clients. You can’t help them very well if you don’t understand where they are coming from. Maybe you have had the same experience they have had in the past and that’s why you are the best one qualified to help them now. The best thing you can do to communicate this to them is to tell them your story. This creates an immediate connection with them both emotionally and on an energetic level.

You can also create an “energetic” connection with your clients and potential clients by making yourself more of what they are looking for and what they want to be. There is a reason they come to you  – because they are seeking something – whether that is a new state of being for them or a new product that fulfills a need. So the more you are able to fulfill that need within yourself, the more your clients and potential clients will be attracted to you on an energetic level.

It is also essential that you understand the underlying messages that your marketing materials send. This includes the type and quality of images that you use, colors and their psychological meanings, or fonts and the messages they send. The way to best understand these things on a deeper level is to allow yourself to see what sort of feeling you get when you step back and take an objective look at your own marketing materials. That feeling you get is actually just another form of energy – the same form of energy that will be passed on to your clients when they look at your marketing collateral.

Be honest with yourself – if you don’t like something about your marketing materials, then your potential clients will probably feel the same way, and that will translate into them not responding in the way you would like them to, which is why it’s so important to evaluate the messages that you are sending out into the world from every aspect of your business and yourself. If you are truly fulfilling the part that you want to play for your clients in your own life, they will recognize it and be much more easily attracted to you than if you are just trying to play a part.

Believe it or not, if you don’t recognize what’s going on beneath the surface, someone else will. So why not start now by taking a deeper look at yourself and your business and what you are really offering to the world?

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