Knowing Ourselves

As I continue to explore the concept of purpose in an effort to identify my own, I have found an understanding from within that knowing who we truly are – all of our gifts, abilities, characteristics, and even our weaknesses – is an essential part of understanding our purpose here and in general.

At our very core, we are all searching for true abundance, fulfillment, peace of mind, happiness and satisfaction (among other things), but we can only really achieve these things by seeking out and understanding our own true nature. Many of us spend too much time trying to figure out what it is we are “doing here” or trying to fit ourselves into someone else’s idea of who we “should” be, rather than simply stopping and taking a look at who we truly are.

Yes, it can feel difficult and even painful at times to face our true nature and try to understand who we really are. But the reward for achieving that level of enlightenment is well worth the challenge. For when we truly know ourselves, everything that is not who we are naturally falls away and we automatically become aligned with a state of abundance, love, gratitude, joy, and anything else positive that you can imagine because we come from Divine Source energy, which consists of Love, Light, Truth, Wisdom, Abundance, and Power.

But how can we truly align with these things unless we recognize ourselves as a part of them and an emanation of them? I don’t think we can. I believe a huge part of our journey here is to get to know all aspects of ourselves and what we are capable of, and then to utilize it in the best way possible. How else can we fully make use of the gifts, talents, and abilities that make up who we are?

For me, until just recently the concepts of abundance, power, and love have seemed elusive to me and not really something I was ever meant to experience. But the more clearing and searching I do, the more I am able to find my true nature as a creator, teacher, leader, and healer.

Had someone told me that’s who I was six months ago, I would have looked puzzled and had much to think about. Today, it is a much, much different story. I still have MUCH learning and growing to do, but at least I have an idea of what I am doing here and I am truly grateful for that.

So, with another year ending and a New Year on its way, I invite you to join me in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself so you, too, can experience the level of abundance and prosperity you deserve.

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