Is Fear of Abundance Blocking Your Manifestations?

fear of abundanceOne of the biggest problems or underlying fears I’ve seen that can stop us from being abundant and manifesting our desires is a fear of abundance. If this fear is in place, very little that we do to bring more abundance into our lives will work.

All our hard work produces very little in terms of results and it can be extremely frustrating for us as a result. The problem is that we don’t typically realize that particular fear is blocking us from success.

How could we? We are trying so hard at the conscious level to produce positive results in our lives that it would make no sense that something as profound as a fear of abundance would be stopping us from seeing results.

But sadly, that’s often the case.

And from what I’ve seen, this fear can operate at a very deep, subconscious level to where we really have no clue it’s there. But it is – and the whole time it’s changing our thought processes and actions and making us send out energetic messages and vibrations that are not conducive to us producing abundance in our lives.

Another intriguing thing about the fear of abundance is that it doesn’t just affect our money situation. It affects our career, relationships, and even our confidence level. Because we intuitively KNOW and can feel that something is going on beneath the surface, we automatically start to doubt that we are truly capable of producing positive results with our efforts.

Not only does that modify our actions, it also modifies the energetic signal we are sending outward to the world, and as a result, determines what we manifest, or what we attract back to us. But when the fear is cleared, it’s amazing what results it begins to produce naturally in our life.

We relax and so many things just start to flow better for us. Abundance of all things starts to come to us freely in so many more ways than we had anticipated and then we truly begin to see just how much that fear of abundance was hurting us and our lives.

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  1. Sallie Keys

    A question from a reader of my blog about fear of abundance…

    “Your posts on the fear of abundance ring so true to me but I do not know where to start with it. I just wondered whether you could define the fear of abundance or maybe give examples, not so much about how it shows in our lives as a result of the fear, but more in terms of what the root of the problem can be, what may cause it initially, or what silly thoughts our ego may be whispering to our subconscious. Or is there a book you could recommend that can help you work through it?”

    Fear of abundance usually stems from an experience in our past where we were abundant and something negative happened to make us relate being abundant to a negative experience rather than a positive one. Here’s an example…

    Say in a past life, we were extremely rich and lived a truly abundant and wonderful life. But maybe we lived in a place where there was a lot of poverty. Maybe people were always after us for our money, or that was the way it felt to us. Or perhaps we lost friends or loved ones because we had more than they did.

    Situations such as thee could have made having lots of money feel like a bad thing rather than a good one – enough to make us fear having it ever again. That fear of abundance then becomes a block for us in the future and even in this lifetime.

    The problem is we don’t readily realize that is what’s happening because it’s not in the forefront of our knowledge. It lies more at the subconscious level, so we really have to dig to find it or enlist the help of someone who is experienced at that sort of thing.

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