How Your Spirit Guides Help You Manifest

Spirit Guides Help You ManifestWe each have a special “team” of somewhere between 4 and 6 Spirit Guides that we “hire” starting when we are born until sometime in our 20’s. Each one of our guides specializes in a different area that they help guide us in and work with us on. We also have a “spokesperson” who speaks for the entire team, relaying input to us from the other team members, and is the general “go to” person. They are also aware of your chosen life purpose and truly can light the way for you to see opportunities that you might otherwise have missed so that you can fulfill that purpose. As an example, if one of your special skills is helping to teach others how to manifest abundance, you will most likely have a guide that will help you fulfill that part of your purpose and teach you about manifesting.

Our Spirit Guides are collectively well-versed in many areas and can tell us how to create the circumstances we desire in our life. They have a very unique and much broader perspective on our circumstances that can add much value for us and make our daily lives MUCH easier. Not only do they see things from a group perspective with input from all of our guides, depending on the number we have, but they also have the unique ability to give us input from the many lifetimes and experiences they have both seen and experienced themselves. This kind of spiritual guidance and healing wisdom can be invaluable in your daily life and the decisions you make, especially when you are struggling with a particular decision you have to make.

In terms of your manifestation process, however, your Spirit Guides help you manifest because they are always with you, constantly hearing and receiving your requests. They send your requests to God, the Angels, Ascended Masters, and all Higher Powers available to you to be answered, as well as sending requests on your behalf for additional assistance in your time of need. They also know how to call on the appropriate spiritual assistance for what you need at any given time because they are so closely watching your needs. This is just part of their job.

They also guide you to make decisions and take actions that will help you manifest your desires. Even if those actions do not seem to make sense at the time, or like they will help you in the creation of your desires, often it is about creating an underlying energetic pattern or movement that will help you achieve a particular end result, or strategically put you in the right place and the right time for you to meet someone who CAN help you.

Please know that working with them during your creation process is essential, even if that simply means accessing their guidance or asking for their help. The return for doing that can simply be amazing, because they will not step in unless they are asked. Please also know that even if you cannot fully hear them, they are still with you always, guiding you to the very best possible outcome for yourself.

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  1. Jennifer

    I recently had one of my spirit guides show itself to me, only for a brief minute. Not only did it show itself but I also heard it the same time it appeared. I distinctively saw a Dragonfly emerge from a cloud of smoke and then dissapear into a thousand pieces. The same time I saw it, I heard it buzz my ear. I want to know why a spirit guide shows itself to you. I have never seen a spirit guide until that moment. Thanks for your help,

    1. admin

      Absolutely, Jennifer! Our Spirit Guides are wonderful at letting us know they are there to support us. All we have to do is ask and pay attention for a response. Knowing what to look for certainly helps as well!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :~)

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