How to Manifest Abundance with an Akashic Records Reading

Conscious CreatorAbundance is defined as “an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply,” an “overflowing fullness,” and “affluence and wealth.”

But abundance is not just money. It is a plentiful flow of the positive energies of health, wealth, happiness, joy, and gratitude into ALL areas of our lives. And whether it applies to our money or finances, happiness, good health, relationships, or career, one thing is for sure – you want it in your life.

But how do we achieve it in our lives?

The first, and most important, way to create abundance in our lives is by going within to understand who we truly are within, at our core, at Soul-level and the purpose we were designed and created to fulfill – our Soul Purpose.

By understanding who we are at Soul-level and getting clear on what our Soul Design is, what energies we consist of, and how we intended to express those energies when we were created, we can bring abundance into our lives naturally at all levels of our existence.

This is where an Akashic Records reading can be an extremely valuable investment for us, because by consulting our Akashic Record, or Soul’s history, we can learn the truth of why we were created and what purpose we intended to fulfill.

What else can an Akashic Records reading do for us?

There are many of us who are highly-conscious individuals who know with all certainty that they have a greater purpose to fulfill and they are meant to be doing “more” than they are. These individuals know it intuitively, even though they may not know quite what it is yet. And it really shows in their lives because while they may have much of what they need to “get by,” and maybe even just enough to be comfortable most of the time, they also have a sense of lack or general unhappiness that they carry with them almost constantly, because they simply KNOW there is more they can have – more to life … just MORE. They are well aware that something is missing from their lives, yet they do not know fully what it is.

And this way of being, living in lack, is NOT abundance. It’s simply NOT what we were designed to be or how we were designed to live. We were MEANT to live in abundance. PERIOD.

But there is an answer…

An Akashic Records reading can be extremely helpful in these situations, because usually there is something blocking us from fully knowing our purpose and achieving that purpose. By reading our Soul record or Soul history, we can find out what that is blocking us, where it started and how it is affecting our choices, actions, and our lives in general. We can even find out what our specific manifestation process is, and yes, we each have our own unique way of manifesting that is different from everyone else’s.

For it is only through having a deeper understanding of ourselves, and the effect our choices and actions have had on our lives, that we can take full responsibility for who we are and where we are in our lives. And it is only through taking full responsibility that we can actively and powerfully become the conscious creators for our lives. But we must first own who we truly are at Soul-level and the choices we have made in order for this to happen.

While this may sound a little scary in a way, the really wonderful thing about this is that once we have actively chosen to take responsibility for ourselves and our life, nothing is out of our reach. For it is then that we are able to consciously RECREATE everything going forward. We are the ones that now decide our future and we are the ones who go on to design it as we desire.

And the really cool thing about this type of reading is that if there are any blocks preventing us from living in our naturally abundant state and becoming the conscious creator of our own reality, they can be removed right from the source where they reside. And once the blocks are removed, abundance can flow freely in EVERY area of our lives so we can live as we originally intended – happy, healthy, wealthy and full of joy and gratitude.

Having an Akashic Records reading can be a wonderful tool for achieving this in your life and when used in this manner, truly IS the key to opening the doors to success and abundance for yourself in this life.

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