How to Eliminate Stress and Worry from Your Life

eliminate stressThe large majority of us operate under some level of daily stress, especially in today’s society, with all the pressures we experience due to our finances and career and sometimes even our relationships. And unfortunately, most of us are so used to living our daily lives with some level of stress that we don’t realize what it does to us and our lives.

The first thing it does is prevents us from enjoying most of our day. After all, how can you enjoy anything when you’re constantly stressed or worried about the outcome of something? It’s just not possible. And when you are under the influence of unnecessary stress and worry, it causes you to overreact to situations that we might handle calmly otherwise.

Not only that, the more stress, worry, and anxiety we have, the less abundance will flow into our lives because we are not in enough of a positive state of mind to attract anything positive for ourselves. All we see is the source of our stress, or what we think it is at the moment, and we tend to stay heavily focused on that, rather than how we can possibly improve the situation.

And that’s just the problem. We’re focusing on the wrong thing.

More often than not, the stress we experience is created by our mental perception of a situation, rather than an actual physical stress we are under. So, if we focused on how to fix our circumstances and make them better, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of it, we would be so much more relaxed as we go through our day that we would be able to find simple solutions to our problems to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

As an added bonus, more abundance would naturally flow into our lives as we are freed from the bonds of stress because stress and worry stop the flow of abundance in its tracks. There is truly nothing good to be had from the negative feelings of stress, worry, anxiety, and fear. It closes off the pathways that lead us to abundance and stops us from experiencing good in our lives, even when it is right there in front of our face.

We are much better served all the way around by expending our valuable manifestation and creation energy on how we can improve our lives and eliminate the stress and worry, rather than spending our valuable energy feeding it.

It all starts with a shift in your perception. And the quickest way to shift your perception is to stop asking the wrong questions and to START ASKING THE RIGHT ONES. Instead of asking “Why is this happening to me?” ask “How can I make this better?”

Just that quickly, you will shift your perception and gear your mind to look for the SOLUTION rather than to keep seeing only the problem.

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