How to Achieve Soul Growth

achieve soul growth through love

Your Soul is here to grow and learn and have experiences that allow it to become more of who you are. Your Soul wants you to embody more of its energy and talents and express them to the world.

This is what you are here to do and how to achieve Soul growth.

It is important to understand, however, that there are things that can get in the way of you expanding as a Soul and living a full life experience. Much of this occurs from interactions with others.

Interacting with others and having relationships can be amazing learning experiences. But as human beings, we naturally want to help those we care about, but quite often we can be hurt in the process. This is especially so if we are strong and caring individuals and operate from a strong sense of ethics, because what we often end up doing is taking responsibility, not only for our own choices and actions, but also for the choices and actions of those we care about, as if it’s our job to do so.

When we take responsibility for others choices and actions, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually or energetically, we not only hurt ourselves but also the person we are taking responsibility for. If we allow ourselves to carry the weight of negative choices that are not our own, the person who chose them can’t grow in the way they need to.

By carrying weight that is not our own, we only stop another’s Soul from developing as it was intended and learning the lessons needed for their own Soul growth. We also prohibit ourselves from moving forward as we intended along our path and further into our purpose.

It’s important that we allow both ourselves and others to grow in the way that is needed. We do that by letting go of the weight we have been carrying for them and returning it to them. Ultimately, their choices and actions are their own responsibility to carry, as are our own.

If you truly want to help others and yourself achieve Soul growth, sending them gratitude for all they have experienced, been and done… for exactly who they are… is what you should do. These two things combined can set a healing force in motion stronger than we have the capacity to understand.

It not only asks them to take responsibility for all their actions and choices, but also who they are as individuals, human beings, and Souls. This is not an easy task for most of us to accomplish, but it is a necessary one if we are to heal and grow. We must integrate and accept the truth of our experiences if we are to work through them, and strengthen and grow as a result of them.

Accepting the healing power of love into your life … the love of Source, of God, of your higher power … is what has the power to heal you and make you whole again, but you must accept truth in order to allow that level of healing into your life so you can be more of who you are and express who you came to be.

We all have gifts we are here to express and things we came to do and share with the world. Not doing them is not fair to those who need the healing we have the potential to bring to the world, and it’s not fair to ourselves, because it stops us from being free to be who we are … to live, to learn, to grow … and most of all love.


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