How Past Lives Affect Your Ability to Attract Money

Emotional BaggageWe carry emotional “baggage” from our past experiences. We are all aware of that. And sometimes that “baggage” can really overload us and weigh us down, just like when we overpack for a trip or vacation. Sometimes, we even have trouble enjoying ourselves on that trip because we have so much “junk” we have brought with us!

Well, what many of us do not realize is that it can go back further than just our childhood. It can go back to past lifetimes. In fact, it often does. And it can really limit our ability to manifest and attract money at the level we want, but also the positive experiences and wonderful opportunities we deserve.


Because, once we adopt a belief or an idea, for example, it literally becomes part of the energetic signature we send out into the world. And it doesn’t matter whether or not that belief is positive or negative or even if it will benefit us in the long run. All that matters is that we accept it as true. Once we do, it becomes a part of us, and can remain part of us permanently if we allow it to.

This is where a Past Life Clearing comes in to play. It helps us clear those negative limiting beliefs and patterns that we have been carrying from before we can even remember – the ones we may be just barely conscious of, but also the ones that we really have no idea where they came from. Those are some of the very beliefs that can hold us back more than anything else, primarily because they have been with us and part of our energetic signature for far longer than we realize. It is also those beliefs and patterns extend outward from us and attract to us more of the same experiences because we are resonating with them at some level. They are literally a part of us, and as such, we attract more of what we already are.

But they can be cleared – very easily, in fact.

Investigating the source of them is the best place to start. This can be done through a Past Life Regression, as well as a Past Life Clearing, but the regression does not offer nor promise to clear them away for you. While you can receive awareness and understanding that you can benefit greatly from during a regression because you can learn where a pattern started, and you do find much peace in knowing where they came from, to see truly positive and lasting changes, you will also want to have those negative beliefs and ideas that are holding you back permanently cleared so you can move forward and attract better things into your life.

You can literally change your life before your eyes by simply deciding that it’s time to create and set new energetic patterns for yourself. It truly IS all up to you. You have the choice and the ability to improve your life and create what you want for your life. I mean, isn’t it time that attract to you what you DO WANT, instead of what you DON’T WANT, which is what you have been attracting?

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