How Our Deepest Fears Help Us Manifest Abundance

deepest fearsThe title of this article probably got your attention pretty quickly, right? You wouldn’t think there might actually be something good about our deepest fears and identifying them, right?

Well, guess what – there really is.

When we have a fear about something, the last thing we want to do is face it head on. In fact, we do everything we can to avoid it. We tend to do everything we can think of to stop that fear from coming true, even if the actions we take are at a subconscious level and not readily known to us as the conscious level. We might avoid certain situations in an effort to avoid our fears, and we also tend to put up our guard to protect ourselves more.

What we fail to realize, however, is that when we put our guard up and avoid situations is that we are in effect trapping ourselves, as well as directly blocking out the flow of abundance to us, because in order to truly see abundance in our lives, we have to be open to possibility in ALL areas of our lives. So by shutting out one or more possibilities, even if they are scary to us, we also shut down the possibility of good coming in as well.

The good part in all of this is that by choosing to face, rather than avoid and run from our fears, we can actually figure out where we are blocking abundance from coming into us. While this may be true, it is also the very last thing most of us want to hear. We don’t typically CHOOSE actively to face our fears, but it truly is the only way we can move beyond them to the good that lies on the other side.

So, by identifying and exploring what it is we are so fearful of, we can also identify directly what our blocks to abundance are, remove them, and manifest abundance directly into our lives.

Here’s an example…

Imagine you have an underlying fear of money or abundance. Perhaps at some point in the past you had some experience that led you to believe that having excess wealth or abundance is a bad thing. Maybe you were hurt or taken advantage of because you had too much money. You carried away excess energetic “baggage” that just wouldn’t let you forget the “dangers” of having too much money.

But here’s where it gets interesting – not only is that fear going to keep you in a state of avoidance when it comes to dealing with what happened to create it, but it would also make you avoid situations where you encounter or receive larger sums of money.

Wouldn’t investigating this fear directly and clearing it away help you bring more money into your life? You certainly wouldn’t be running from it or avoiding it anymore, would you?

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