Helping Soldiers with PTSD with Energy Clearing

soldier ptsdIn my last article, I talked about healing past traumatic experiences by clearing negative energy surrounding those past experiences. It’s when the negative emotions from those past experiences stays with us that it becomes a problem. When we can’t process it appropriately and release it that it becomes a problem for us, and this is especially true with US Soldiers.

There are not many of us that can truly relate to what they have experienced, yet anyone close to a soldier will be familiar with what it can do to them. It changes the way they view and respond to their world. This applies no matter where they are – at war or at home, and it can be one of the hardest things for family members to understand because they did not experience the same thing their loved one did.

Energy Clearing can be hugely helpful in helping these soldiers cope with and process what they have seen and experienced. By clearing the negative emotions and other negative energy they carried away from their experiences, they can move beyond their experiences rather than holding onto them, constantly reliving them in some capacity. It can allow their experiences to become true memories with much less feeling attached to them, and sometimes none at all.

The effects of this are widespread. It not only helps the soldiers, but also helps their families that suffer just as much as they do as they try to help them cope with what they have experienced, and it can help our society as a whole, because there are many veterans out there that have difficulty functioning as normal members of society.


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