Healing the Soul, Part 2

Soul Matrix Soul Design Soul BlueprintIn a couple of my recent articles, I have talked a lot about healing simply being a process of returning to who we are. And because healing is a return to who we are, then understanding these pieces of our Soul in as much detail as possible is an essential part of the process.

Our Soul has many parts and pieces, all of which are part of our Soul Design, and each Soul is unique in its own way, just like each of our physical bodies are unique. One of these aspects to our Soul Design is called our Soul Matrix.

The Soul Matrix is an energetic matrix that is like our “Spiritual DNA.” It is the very basis for not only our Soul Design, but also for our physical design and is what the energetic grid that all of the physical body’s energy systems are based on. Just like our physical DNA, it consists of ‘coding’ in specific sequences containing all of the energies we are made of. Each Soul has its own unique coding sequence which represents the energies our Soul is designed to express through its existence.

The coding in this matrix design can get misaligned by our thoughts, feelings and actions, which are driven by both our current circumstances and past negative experiences, causing us to be off balance energetically to where we were originally intended to be.

The way we view, or conceptualize, this coding is in percentages of energy based on the Archangelic Realms. These realms also correspond to the energies of the chakra system. Our Soul is made up of specific percentages of each of these energies.

The majority of our energetic ‘coding’ may be in one or two chakras, and perhaps even three or four. The most typical case is going to be one or two of the chakras, with the highest percentage considered our Primary Archangelic Realm, the next one our Secondary, and so on.

Understanding your Soul’s energetic design is essential to your spiritual and energetic health as well as to achieving abundance in your life, because it is only through the full expression of your Soul Design will you be able to reach complete fulfillment in your life.

Once you are aware of what the original design of your Soul is and what it means, you can now look at how you are currently expressing these energies in your daily life through thoughts, feelings, and choices, and actions. By viewing them as a comparison, you can see where you are out of alignment and where you need to make adjustments in the different areas of your life so that you can express your Soul gifts more fully, and thus live fully in your purpose.


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