Healing the Soul, Part 1

In my recent article, The Art and Science of Healing (As I See It), I talked about how healing is a return to our innate state of wholeness and who we were originally intended to be – beautiful, divine beings made of all the positive energies we can conceive of, each of whom with the ultimate and immeasurable power to create our own existence and reality and to live as abundantly as we choose.

Healing is simply a return, a remembering … a remembering of WHO WE ARE.

So, if healing is the process of returning to and remembering who we are, who we were originally intended to be, and why we are here, there is only ONE question we should ever have to ask…

WHO ARE WE, really?

By being reminded of the answer to that, we can start to step into those characteristics in our daily lives, even if it’s just a little at a time. We don’t have to do it all at once. But we do have to try to do it just a little. And the more we do, the more it will come back to us. The more we remember, the more we will be healed.

So where do we start?

It all starts by understanding our Soul Design – our energetic make-up, where we originated, and also our experiences from both past lifetimes and this lifetime that have led us to be where we are today. But that’s just the beginning of it. All of these are just pieces in the puzzle, but help give us a great picture of understanding when it comes to remembering who we truly are. The actual answer to our question – the BIG question “Why am I here?” (ie. “What is my life purpose?”) goes so much deeper and broader than what we realize at the conscious level. To truly understand it, we have to look at things in a much larger sense. We have to look at the big picture – the interconnectedness of us all and how each of us fits into the grand scheme of things. In short, we have to ask “What is my Soul purpose?

But that’s not all.

One common misconception I have seen many people make is that they overlook the idea that their purpose is not just about what they incarnated during this lifetime to achieve or be. It is sometimes the much larger picture that we need to look at. We are all here to express our gifts and talents at Soul-level, and to learn through experience so that we can grow as Souls, but some people are also here because they have actual “work” to do here. These are typically your overachievers and may be into a lot of things, like hobbies and learning about lots of different things. These individuals never seem to rest and look for things to fill their schedules if they find that they are not quite busy enough to meet their satisfaction. But even these individuals who have “work” to do and specific things to accomplish are still expressing aspects of their Soul’s purpose.

At any rate, by looking at the larger picture and asking “WHY DID I COME INTO EXISTENCE?” in the larger sense, rather than simply “WHY AM I HERE?” (referencing why you incarnated into this life, or your “life purpose”) you may find that you get quite a different answer and perspective on things, because the reason that your Soul originated may be very different altogether from why it chose to incarnate here.

And by fully understanding the reason we came to be in OUR very beginning we can then look at how that reason fits into our daily life and how we can apply it an even greater sense. You might even get a glimpse of it from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides if you ask. The reason why is that all of our Guides, Angels, Masters and Teachers, and even our Higher Self can only communicate with us using a framework that we understand. The problem with this is that to them, we do not all truly have what we refer to as a “life purpose.” Some of us just don’t have specific things we came here to do.

It is in that case that communicating the answer to our question, “What is my life purpose?” may get us no answer at all. But if instead, we ask “Why did my Soul originally come into existence?” we may find that we get a very different response altogether – one that actually makes sense and finally makes things click for us. I know I sure did. I had the great privilege of being shown exactly what purpose my Soul was created to fulfill. What a truly amazing gift and a new level of awareness for me!

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