Healing the Physical Body, Part 2

healing the physical bodyIt never ceases to amaze me how making changes at the Soul-level can affect the physical body and how when you clear away the past negative experiences from the Soul, you truly can heal problems in the physical body.

We bring things forward with us from past lifetimes, which we often do in the form of physical ailments, it’s not only because we haven’t released everything about past experiences, but also because we know that we will be forced to continue working on them – all in the hopes of moving beyond them. Sometimes the physical body even gives us clues into what we’ve experienced in past lives through illnesses and disorders.

Sometimes it’s life lessons or learning experiences the Soul is after, but sometimes it’s just cleaning up old messes we’ve made in the past, working off old karma, releasing everything we can so we can move on to something much better, spiritually speaking. It might be a recreation or something entirely new we are meant to contend with.

The value in these experiences we have, no matter how negative they seem on the surface or how difficult they are to work through is immeasurable.

It’s important to never forget that! You will reap rewards from your learning experiences as you grow into a much better person and a much wiser Soul. It’s guaranteed. What those rewards might be, however, is another story, and hard to predict, but it’s always in the looking back over the experience that we find the value in it, regardless of how expected or anticipated it was.

So, don’t be afraid to work to heal yourself, no matter how difficult it seems. There is so much value in the journey that you won’t believe it when you get to the other side – I promise you. And often it seems the more work you put into the healing, the more valuable the gift will be when you get there.

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