Healing Lessons Learned: Don’t Be Afraid

Healing Lessons Learned: #1 – Don’t Be Afraid To Look Deeper

I often deal with clients that are afraid to look past the surface of what is going on for fear of what they might find. They very much want to get rid of the issues they face, and very quickly, but what that might require scares them because they simply don’t know. It’s often the case that they haven’t yet found a successful solution to their problems, and they are feeling somewhat hopeless when it comes to the possibility that real change truly IS possible.

Just because you haven’t found a solution yet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

It’s important to understand that beneath the surface is precisely where the answer to our difficulties lie and the only way to find the solution IS to take a deeper look, regardless of how painful you might THINK it might be at the time.

The problem we can run into is that we are afraid to find out what lies beneath the surface and why the problem started in the first place. We know intuitively that there is something in our past that led us to where we currently are, and that more than likely it was a less than desirable experience to start with – one that we probably intentionally tried to forget.

The only reason it might feel that way is because we don’t know that we can heal without further hurt. But it is possible.

It doesn’t have to be painful to heal. I promise.

Another reason that I’ve seen clients resist healing is that healing requires CHANGE. Sometimes it even requires ACTION. It also makes us face all the things in our life that we do need to change, and that’s not always a fun process.

We tend to get comfortable with our lives the way they are and it’s so much easier to just to keep doing what we’ve been doing in the past than it is to make the effort to improve things. The problem is that the only way we will get different results is if we DO something different than what we have been doing in the past.

When it’s time for change, sometimes the only thing you can do is take a deep breath, set your fears aside and take a step forward in a new direction. You might be surprised at what happens as a result.

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