Healing Art as a Window to the Soul

Healing Art Spiritual ArtSelf-expression is paramount to our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health in so many ways. And there are many, many ways in which we can express ourselves. For me, artwork is a great way to do that, which is why I first designed my Healing Artwork pieces, rich with alchemy symbolism and healing symbols incorporated into the works. This type of artwork is also referred to as Spiritual Art because of its great healing capacity when viewed by us on a Soul-level.

Spiritual Art and healing art is a great way to give us a visual representation of ourselves that helps remind us of who we are at Soul-level. Some of my latest and most intriguing work to date has been creating designs that open a window to the Soul for us to view our true selves through the use of alchemy symbolism. It is through viewing these designs that we are reminded of who we truly are, and as a result, we can begin to return to who we are both energetically and physically through our actions and choices.

Remembering who we are at Soul-level is such an integral part of our journey to return home to ourselves that it is essential that we should find a way to achieve it. Artwork is a great way to do that. Each time we see a visual representation that reminds us of ourselves and who we are at Soul-level, whether that be through a certain color, shape, image, or overall design, we begin to see ourselves more clearly and a deep remembering begins.

That is exactly why we resonate with certain images and designs – because we relate to them on some level – something about them energetically or spiritually touches us deeply and brings us closer to ourselves. What’s so fascinating about this is because these images, shapes and colors that we see that we resonate with so much are actually a part of us or our past experiences on some level, and seeing them once again brings us back to who we are.


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