Heal Your Past Lives To Heal Your Future

Have you ever wondered how your past lives affect you? The importance of healing our past lives is often overlooked. Past lives are an integral part of who we are and who our Souls have become over time. How we have grown as souls and individuals is highly dependent on the experiences we have had in past lives, just like it is dependent on the experiences we have had in this lifetime.

And just like our current life experiences are not always positive, our past life experiences were not always positive in nature either. Because those experiences can be so negative in nature, we can have difficulty letting them go for fear that if we do, they might happen again. Little do we realize that is the main reason that negative energy from past experiences DOES stick around.

As a result, we sometimes need healing for those past negative experiences, because they can really tend to stay with us, regardless of whether we want them or not. The baggage we carry from those past lives can literally get stuck in our energy field, causing problems at the mental level, emotional level, and eventually the physical level, which means health problems setting in or being triggered by emotional experiences.

And that’s certainly no picnic.

When you heal your past lives, it’s not that you change the actual events of your past lives. You don’t erase them. You most certainly want to leave the learning experiences in tact. You can, however, change your PERCEPTION of them and how you FEEL about your past.

This statement is true not only of your past lives, but also your past experiences in this lifetime. You can clear the negative emotion associated with the experiences, so that you can look back on them with objective, open-minded learning and not fear, anger or sadness because of what happened in the past. Healing your past life trauma by clearing the negative emotion associated with past experiences allows us you to move forward from past experiences with freedom and no longer in fear.

And if those experiences happened to be the source of any difficulties you are having in your current lifetime, which in most cases they are, when you clear and heal them, you also allow yourself to truly and finally heal in the way you deserve to, opening you to the health, wealth and abundance you so greatly deserve.

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