Everything You Need Resides Within YOU

what you need to knowEverything you need to know is already within you – your past experiences, who you are at Soul-level, what your purpose is and how you can step into it. All of it lies deep within you. It is ingrained into the very essence of your being. The only way to access it is by going within.

As such, everything you need to heal yourself resides within you. If all the negativity from your past experiences is what has made you ill, than clearing it away is precisely what you need to do to heal it. And that can only be released by going within to find it – deep within yourself and your past.

So dig deep, dive as far down as you can to find the truth – YOUR TRUTH that lies within YOU. Don’t be afraid to go so far within you that you find you are going further than you ever imagined to find it. And that’s OK. There is no reason to fear because you are simply getting to know yourself better.

With each new awareness you receive, you will find an entirely new level of healing and aspect of yourself to be experienced that you have never experienced before. It’s all about receiving more awareness. The more of it you achieve, the better able you will be to fully experience who you are and express it more fully to the world.

As you peel away the layers of ALL THAT YOU ARE NOT, you will be returning more fully to ALL THAT YOU ARE, which is precisely where you want to be.

But in order to get there, you sometimes have to experience what you are not so that you can recognize it and release it, all the while more clearly defining WHO YOU ARE. It’s a continual process that never truly ends, for you can always find ways to become more of WHO YOU ARE. And the more you return to yourself, the more you will step into your purpose, and the more you will naturally become abundant, which is EXACTLY where you want to be … isn’t it?

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