Energy Clearing: How To Get Rid of Negative Energy

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Energy Healing is healing modality that falls under the category of alternative medicine and is more and more widely recognized each and every day. It can be conducted in person or by distance through the use of intuition and intent, which is what I do for my clients each and every day.

Just as we each have a circulatory and nervous system, and other structures and systems within our physical body that makes it function as intended, we also have an energy system that underlies everything. This energy system is the basis for everything and everything is built upon it, just as it is for every living being.

Energy Clearing is a type of Energy Healing that is based around releasing negative emotions and other types of ‘energetic baggage’ from the human energy system, that can also be referred to as ‘negative energy.’ Negative energy comes from past experiences that affected us, both mentally and emotionally that takes up residence at various places within the energy field based on past experiences we have either perceived negatively or that have affected us negatively in some way.

This is why it’s referred to as ‘negative’ – because it blocks us from experiencing God/Spirit/Source and our connection back to it, all that we truly are and our purpose.

And because disease and other issues at the physical level manifest first within the energy field, it essential to remove it while it is still there. If the ‘negative energy’ remains trapped in our energy field long enough and is not released, it begins to make changes within our mental and emotional bodies before finally affecting our physical body. It is essential to learn and understand how to get rid of negative energy on a regular basis to make yourself feel better, healthier, and be more positive.

When the ‘negative energy’ that is the source of the concern at the mental, emotional, or physical level is identified and cleared away, and the energy field is restored to its originally intended state, true healing can occur within all levels of the body. As a result, energy clearing can make your life a whole lot better in many ways. Because negative energy, or energy that blocks your connection back to Source, can affect so many different areas of your life in negative ways, releasing it and replacing it with positive energy can also affect just about any area of your life, but in a positive manner.

Energy clearing can truly change your life if you allow it. It changes your life instantly on some level, even if you do not see the full results instantly in your physical life, but rest assured, change is taking place somewhere with you. Just as it takes a while for negative energy to filter downward and create negative change at the physical level, it takes a while for the full positive effect to be seen when a problem is corrected or healed in your energy field.

Even one session of energy clearing is beneficial and will bring positive results and change into your life, but to see truly lasting results in your life, you will want to regularly clear yourself of negative energy. Whether you do it for yourself, or you have someone else do it for you does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you release the negativity you are holding onto on a regular basis, because holding onto it only has the potential to make you mentally, emotionally and physically ill, and certainly won’t make you any happier.

Because energy is meant to flow freely through your body and energy system, when it gets stuck or becomes stagnant and does not flow as it should due to negative energy stuck in the energy field, illness and disease can occur there. The only way to restore the normal flow of things and to allow healing to occur is to release the blockage. In doing so, you are restoring your body and your energy system to its originally intended state of wholeness.

The same applies to your Soul and clearing blockages that reside at the level of your Soul. Rather than experiences that have occurred only in this lifetime, the Soul remembers and carries experiences all the way back to its origination. If you think of how many experiences you’ve had just in this lifetime alone, and you multiply it by all of the lifetimes you’ve ever had, that can be a lot to wrap your head around.

That could also potentially be a lot of negative energy that needs to be cleared.

Clearing negative energy from Soul-level is similar in many ways to clearing the human energy field. The premise is the same. You are releasing blockages preventing the Soul from realizing its true nature and strength of connection back to God/Source/Spirit. This is essential because without fully realizing your true nature, you will miss out on and be unaware of the full nature of your passion, purpose, power, and potential – all very important aspects of WHO YOU ARE.

Without fully experiencing those aspects of yourself, you will feel lost and lack direction.

Think of your Soul as potentially being damaged from negative past experiences, and that damage not only blocks your connection back to Source/God/Spirit, but in many ways it’s like having pieces of yourself missing and not connected to you. Without being whole, there’s not real way to fully experience yourself.

Healing your Soul and your energy field is a journey – a return to wholeness.

The more intact your Soul is, and the better your energy flows, the more connected you will be back to Source and to your true self, your passion, your purpose, and your potential. You will also be extremely at peace with yourself and at ease with your life and your environment, because you will know that you are the one empowered to control it all.

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  1. kevin benjamin

    I purchased a Akashic reading from you a few years back. It got me to follow my spiritual path and I received my Master degree in Metaphysical sciences. I also received and ordained Minister Certificate and practioner one as well.

    1. Sallie

      Hey Kevin! Good to hear from you again! I’m so glad you enjoyed the reading, and it sounds like you are interested in taking the next step to open your pathway to abundance. Please contact me through my site to talk more about how I can help you further! 🙂

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