Do You Believe in YOU?

believe in yourselfLack of trust and belief in ourselves is one of the biggest problems we can have, and sometimes without even knowing it. If we doubt ourselves and our ability to create, then we simply don’t believe in ourselves. And where there is no belief in something, it will not come to be.

You must believe in yourself and trust your own ability to create in order to succeed.

When we don’t trust ourselves and our abilities, there is always a reason for it that lies in our past experiences. The only basis we could ever have for not trusting ourselves is past experiences through which we have taken on negative energy that needs to be cleared.

Why? Because each one of us originated in perfect love and perfect trust.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to that rule. We all came from source. We are all perfect in our own way, and if we are not experiencing that, it’s only because we are blocking ourselves from knowing it. And the source of that ALWAYS lies in our past and is a representation of something that needs to be cleared.

And when we shy away from that, we are denying our own Divine Nature – the way we were originally intended to be. Trust and belief in yourself are the foundation of everything positive for your life, especially the manifestation and creation of your desires. The level of trust and belief you hold in yourself is projected outward into the world and it determines what you attract back to yourself.

You have to ask yourself… if you don’t 100% believe in yourself and your ability to create what you want for yourself and your life, how will any of it ever come to be?

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