Your Alignment to the Divine Energy Streams

One of the first things I check when I do a reading for a client is their Soul’s alignment to the Divine Energy streams. This includes their alignment to the energies of Divine Truth, Love, Light, Wisdom, Power, Abundance, Manifestation, Creation, and Empowerment. I even check for clients’ alignment to the energy of Money. While this is not one of the “traditional” streams of energy that you may have heard of, I check it because it is very much its own energy stream, and no one can deny the importance of it for so many of us these days.The percentage of alignment to these energy streams is a strong indicator for me where I might anticipate finding further problems when I continue to do clearing work for them.

For example, a very low alignment to the energy of Divine Love might indicate someone who does not only have full access to the energy of love in their lives and might have difficulty showing love both to others and themselves. A misalignment to the energy of Divine Truth can cause us to be judgmental of others and circumstances unnecessarily because we are trapped in the idea that our way of seeing or doing things is the only way there is and that no one else could possibly be right and this just isn’t the case. Not being fully aligned with Divine Light can mean that we do not fully know what it is to experience Spirit in our lives and all that can bring with it.

Our level of alignment to Divine Abundance can indicate not only how much abundance is coming into our lives, both financially and otherwise, but also how much of it we ALLOW into our lives. I have often seen subconscious fears, such as a fear of success, which can keep us from allowing the full level of abundance into our lives that we were intended to receive, which is truly endless, if only we will open our arms to receive it. Divine Power is what teaches us responsibility both for ourselves and others, and to what level we should accept it. Not being fully aligned to it can create confusion for us in this area and can make us take responsibility for others when it truly isn’t necessary.

Divine Wisdom is fully knowing and being able to hear the divine intelligence and guidance that comes from the Universe and our Creator. Divine Creation and Manifestation are key energies required for the creation process. Without full alignments to both of them, we will have difficulty both creating and manifesting the life we want and deserve.

Misalignments to any of these energy streams can indicate past experiences, both from this life and previous ones, which need to be clearly identified so that the negative energy surrounding those experiences can be cleared away, making room for newer, more positive energies to flow freely into our lives.

The best way to identify and improve upon the level of alignment with the energy streams is with a Full Past Life Reading & Clearing, because often the past life stories that show up are the largest contributors to these misalignments. Any clearing work can increase our alignment to these Divine energy streams, but a Past Life Clearing can significantly increase our alignment to them very quickly.

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