Conscious Business Success: ‘In The Flow’

Conscious Business Success: In The Flow

This is the beginning of a series of blog posts designed to help you manifest more of the clients and business you want, and less of what you don’t want, giving you much needed insight into how to create a successful business built on a sound foundation – mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually.

When it comes down to it, YOU are the business, so all aspects of yourself and your life affect your business and a clear understanding of them all is needed to create the success you desire.

First, let’s talk about ‘flow’.

What exactly does it mean to be ‘in the flow’?

Being in your natural state of ‘flow’ is when you are completely in tune with the Universe around you and everything you do simply ‘flows’ out of you without you even trying.

You are completely relaxed and comfortable, happy with the level of accomplishment you are making and loving what you are producing and everyone around you loves it too.

That’s where you want to be when you work.

If you’re not, you won’t feel connected to your work and the energy you send outward will be less effective at communicating your message to your following.

As a result, you WILL NOT attract the high level of clients and business you would have, had you been ‘in your flow.’

There are many things that can take you out of your natural state of ‘flow’ and lower your natural vibration in the process.

The last thing you want is a low vibration when you are expressing yourself to others, because what you express is what you attract back to you.

Throughout this series of articles, we’ll be talking about the things that can take you out of that natural state of ‘flow’ and what you need to do to stop that from happening.

Just to give you an idea, here are some of the topics I’ll be discussing:

  • the environment you work in and the importance of keeping it positive
  • personal relationships and how they affect your work
  • knowing who your ideal audience is how to connect to them
  • marketing in a way that allows you to express yourself freely through your business
  • your offerings — are they aligned with your purpose and what excites you?
  • your health — if you don’t feel good, you can’t work effectively
  • clearing your energetic blocks to success and abundance, both known and unknown

In my next post, I’ll be talking about the importance of working in a peaceful environment for creating that natural state of ‘flow’ you need to be successful and attract the clients you want.

Until then, have an amazing day!

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Sallie Keys is an experienced Akashic Records and Intuitive Development Expert, Manifestation Teacher, Transformational Healer & Spiritual Mentor for whom results matter most. She’s fiercely committed to empowering her clients with the ability to heal themselves and to obtain their own crystal clear, accurate spiritual guidance and get in their unique flow of abundance, so they can live the life of their dreams now.

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