Break the Pattern of Negativity and Move On!

When we find ourselves stuck in a pattern of negative thinking and can’t seem to break free of it, the one thing we need to do is usually the last thing we know how to do… change our thinking to a more positive state.

In fact, it can seem to make absolutely no sense whatsoever to change our thinking to something more positive, but it’s truly the most important thing we can do for ourselves. But have you ever asked yourself why you can’t so readily change your thoughts whenever you want?

The answer lies in your past. Our past negative experiences can leave us with emotional and energetic baggage that changes our thought patterns to negative ones and forces us to keep them that way, disabling our ability to shift to a more positive state with ease. And by clearing away the baggage from our past, we can return to the positive mental state we were intended to have without struggling to get to it.

It can be quite surprising the things from our past that can keep us from being in a positive mental state. That is until the negative energy surrounding those past experiences is cleared. Once we are freed from our past, it is surprising how easily we can shift our thinking so we allow newer, more positive energy into our lives. We can very quickly find ourselves wondering why it was so hard to think positive in the first place!

And with those positive thoughts, we also find that we are manifesting and attracting more positive outcomes and opportunities into our lives very quickly, which is exactly how it was intended to be.

2 Comments on “Break the Pattern of Negativity and Move On!”

  1. Jamie Cole

    I’d like to see about an anger-negativity clearing session. Can you tell me price or current offers you have and what I might set for my intention. Thanks.

  2. David

    “You can never achieve your best while you expect the worst, change your attitude & be a little more positive”.

    its a great site for self empowerment.
    all the best.

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