Akashic Records Reading: Accessing Your Soul History

Soul History through the Akashic RecordsAkashic Records Reading: Your Soul History.

Do you ever find yourself wondering who you REALLY are and where you REALLY came from? Maybe even feeling like you don’t fit in and you don’t know why?

Your Soul history – the history of YOU – is one that goes further back than you can conceivably imagine. It goes all the way back to your very origin – the origin of your Soul.

Your Soul history can tell you everything you want to know about yourself – your path and life purpose, your hidden talents and characteristics, places you have been, lifetimes you have lived, and the life lessons you have chosen to experience. By accessing your Soul record through an Akashic Records Reading, you can find out your Soul Profile, which includes all of the following:

  • Soul Group of Origination – This is where you first incarnated and what traits and characteristics you carry as a result.
  • Soul Design – This is just like Spiritual “DNA” and tells you all about your design at Soul-level. It indicates to you the gifts and talents you should be expressing to the world and the path that will lead you to abundance.
  • Spiritual Order & Soul Specialization – These are your Soul-level “jobs” or careers and show you what additional underlying talents you have.
  • Primary Life Lesson – The challenge that comes up over and over for you and how you can best understand and face it in a positive manner.
  • Gifts from Spirit – This includes information about your Spirit Guides and other gifts from Spirit there to help you navigate your life and fulfill your purpose.

But by far, the most useful and transformative information that your Soul record contains is the secret to why you are having repetitive negative experiences.

It is our past experiences and our responses to them that causes us to attract more of the same and even recreate it in some circumstances. By understanding these experiences more fully and how they have led us to where we are today, we can also understand how to change our patterns and behavior going forward so that we no longer recreate the same circumstances again.

So, by accessing our Soul history through an Akashic Records Reading, we can not only understand where we have come from but also how to change our lives for the better going forward. We can also clear the way for a much happier future because we can remove the negative energy from the past experiences that has been weighing us down so heavily for so long.

Once we do that, we are free to move forward with our new perspective and awareness of how to transform our lives through real and lasting change.

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