5 Ways to Hear Your Spirit Guides and Angels More Clearly

Hear your Spirit Guides and AngelsThere are many times in our daily lives that we find ourselves in need of assistance and guidance to solve even life’s simplest problems. But sometimes we don’t know where to turn to in order to find the answers we need. Often our team of Spirit Guides is the very best place to turn, and we also have a full team of Angels, Teachers and Masters that are there to assist us with our many needs while incarnated here on Earth.

Our Spirit Guides are collectively well-versed in many areas and can tell us how to create the circumstances we desire in our life. They have a very unique and much broader perspective on our circumstances that can add much value for us and make our daily lives MUCH easier. Not only do they see things from a group perspective with input from all of our guides, depending on the number we have, but they also have the unique ability to give us input from the many lifetimes and experiences they have both seen and experienced themselves. This kind of spiritual guidance and healing wisdom can be invaluable in your daily life and the decisions you make, especially when you are struggling with a particular decision you have to make.

It truly is wonderful to have somewhere to go for guidance such as our Spirit Guides and Angels, but many of us quite often underutilize this priceless tool, or we do not know how to access it fully. Either way, finding ways to better take advantage of this valuable source of information is paramount to our mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual health and happiness.

Ways to connect better and more clearly to your Spirit Guides and Angels include:

  1. Prayer. Praying to receive guidance is a wonderful way to request assistance. You may have to utilize one of the ways listed below to actually receive the guidance, but this is by far the best way to request it. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but just a nice simple standardized prayer you have created that you can say each time you need some assistance is a great way to let your Guides and Angels know you are ready to receive their wisdom.
  2. Get Distracted. This is the best way I know of to receive spiritual guidance. A change in surroundings will do it every time. Anytime your mind is not directly focused on the problem at hand, you are more likely to receive spiritual guidance than any other time. This includes taking a shower, driving a car, going to sleep at night, shopping, or even washing dishes – anything to shift your focus works here. You might suddenly get new ideas or insights that give you the answers you have been looking for. The key to this is finding a way to remember the guidance you receive, and the best way to do that is to always have a notepad nearby. Keeping notes on your cell phone is great also if you have that ability because most people always have their phone with them.
  3. Journaling. It is a well-known fact that journaling is a fantastic way to get insight from your past experiences, so that you can make better decisions moving forward. It’s also a great way to get ideas flowing for future endeavors and outcomes you want to create for yourself. What you may not know about journaling, however, is that you can actually receive guidance from Spirit while writing. There is no better way to receive messages from Spirit than to be completely open to information flowing into your mind like when you are journaling.
  4. Get Quiet. Meditation is a great option as well to receive guidance if it suits you and you have some practice at doing it. All people do not meditate well, but most of us can learn. It can be very beneficial to allow yourself some quiet time, whether that is in an actual meditation form or simply just sitting quietly with your thoughts and letting them float in and out of your mind freely. You might be surprised at some of the insights that come to you!
  5. Clearing. One of the best ways I have seen to improve your connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels is to clear away the blocks that are keeping you from receiving information from them. Akashic Records work is wonderful for this because it can get right to the source of what is blocking you in the first place. After a clearing like this, your connection to Spirit naturally increases and improves over time, allowing for better flow of spiritual guidance directly to you.

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