What You Need to Know About Your Higher Self

Our Higher Self is the part of us that made the choice to come here and to experience all the things we do each and every day. Our Higher Self is also the part of us that guides us and helps us stay on out chosen path for this lifetime. It is our main source of intuitive guidance as we … Read More

How Chakra Imbalances Affect Your Life

There are different beliefs about how many chakras are held within the body and which the primary ones are. Think of a “chakra” as an “energy center”— there are many energy centers within the body, such as in the palms of our hands. In today’s culture, most of us focus on the seven major chakras that extend from the base … Read More

Be Open to Possibility

So often we think we know what the outcome of something is going to be, but often what we don’t realize is that we may actually be creating that out come by insisting we know what will happen. Our thoughts are more powerful than we realize at any given time, and if we put emotion behind them, they can become … Read More